RN cities have another night of attacks and reduced circulation of public transport

RN cities have another night of attacks and reduced circulation of public transport

Third night of attacks in RN cause disruption in the circulation of buses and trains in the state capital.| Photo: SESED-RN/disclosure

Rio Grande do Norte dawned this Thursday (16) with new records of attacks, even with the reinforcement of security by 100 National Force agents. According to local media records, at least five more cities were targets of criminal actions, with the setting of fire in public buildings, businesses and vehicles.

The state Secretariat for Public Security registered, until the afternoon of Wednesday (15), confirmed attacks in 17 cities, although residents pointed out acts in 28 municipalities.

The capital, Natal, has public transport operating partially, with a reduced fleet of buses circulating with the support of the Military Police and the Municipal Guard. Metropolitan trains, however, are not circulating due to criminal attacks, “due to the attack suffered at one of the stations and obstacles placed on the railway track last night,” said the CBTU in a note.

Since the beginning of the attacks, on Monday (13), the security forces have arrested 57 people, seized 15 firearms, 46 explosive devices and 10 gallons of gasoline, in addition to drugs, money and ammunition. On Wednesday (15), Minister Flávio Dino, of Justice, decreed penitentiary intervention in the state in addition to sending reinforcements of penal agents to the state prison system.

“We are going to reach 220 members, including the commander of the National Force is there in Rio Grande Norte. The National Secretary of Public Security is also going there this week. And I’ve been talking to the governor [Fátima Bezerra, PT], two, three times a day. If it is necessary to deploy 400, 500, 600, 800 police officers, we will deploy them to support Rio Grande Norte”, said the minister to CNN Brasil on Wednesday night (15).

The police are still investigating who the perpetrators of the attacks are, but the suspicion is that they are retaliation by criminal drug trafficking organizations after police operations carried out last week. One of the alleged leaders of the attacks was transferred this Tuesday (14) to the Federal Penitentiary System.

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