Revenue will investigate violation of data from Adélio’s lawyer – 03/15/2023 – Power

Revenue will investigate violation of data from Adélio’s lawyer – 03/15/2023 – Power

The Federal Revenue reported that it will open an internal investigation to find out whether there was, in 2019, illegal access to tax data of the then lawyer of Adélio Bispo de Oliveira, author of the assassination attempt against Jair Bolsonaro (PL) during the 2018 election campaign.

The decision came after former Federal Revenue Secretary Marcos Cintra told the Sheet that year there was a request from the Federal Police to the Tax Authorities to discover the origin of any payments to Adélio’s defense.

According to the Revenue, a preliminary search carried out after the publication of Cintra’s statements did not find any formal request from the PF or any other investigation and inspection body to collect data related to the case.

If any investigation by the Revenue in 2019 took place informally, the act is subject to administrative, criminal and civil sanctions.

Lawyer Zanone Manuel de Oliveira Junior acted as Adélio’s defender from the time of the attack until the end of 2019, when the case was taken over by the Federal Public Defender’s Office.

“Nothing. At that moment [junho de 2019, primeiro ano do governo Bolsonaro] the attack and the request made to the RFB were discussed [Receita Federal do Brasil] to see the origin of the payment to Adélio Bispo’s lawyer,” Cintra told Sheet at the beginning of the month, via text message, in the context of another journalistic investigation.

Cintra, who headed the Revenue Service from January to September 2019, responded to the question about whether illegal access to data from opponents of the Bolsonaro family had been discussed in a meeting between him, the then coordinator of tax intelligence, Ricardo Feitosa, and the head of the Institutional Security Office of the Presidency, Augusto Heleno, in June 2019.

Such as Sheet revealed, Feitosa made illegal access to confidential tax data from the coordinator of the investigations into the alleged “cracks” scheme, then Rio Attorney General Eduardo Gussem, and from two politicians who had broken with the presidential family, businessman Paulo Marinho and former minister Gustavo Bebianno

Cintra denied that this meeting dealt with these illegal accesses, stating that it was just a courtesy visit to Heleno, to meet the new Revenue intelligence coordinator and that, among other things, there was an informal and general conversation about topics reported at the time by the press, such as the mystery about who would be acting as Adélio’s lawyer.

“But nothing came of it. They concluded that the lawyer lied and did not receive any payment,” he added.

Sought again this Tuesday (14), the former Revenue Secretary declined to comment on the opening of an investigation by the Tax Authorities.

The attempt to point out alleged financiers of Adélio Bispo’s lawyers mobilized Bolsonaro and allies throughout his administration, and was also the subject of investigations by the Federal Police, with consequences to the present day.

In the month that Cintra met with Heleno at the Planalto Palace, for example, Bolsonaro published on his social networks a message with a video edited by Bolsonarists in which Adélio’s lawyer suggested that he was being paid by TV stations.

The lawyer later stated that he was being ironic at this point and the editing of the video camouflaged its correct context.

The version told by Zanone, which remains the same, is that he took on Adélio’s defense after being approached by someone from an evangelical church attended by the aggressor. That person allegedly advanced him BRL 5,000 in cash, having broken off contact after the repercussions of the case increased.

Also in 2019, the PF questioned faithful who attended the same temples as Adélio, among other steps, but never found evidence of third-party financing of lawyers.

The hypothesis considered strongest by investigators is that Zanone took on the case for free, in exchange for the notoriety he would gain in the media.

Despite this, Bolsonaro and allies always maintained the assertion that Adélio acted at the behest of someone, which resulted in pressure on the PF to discover the alleged financiers of the lawyers.

In December 2018, a Federal Police operation authorized by the Justice seized Zanone’s materials in his office, but in March of the following year, the Federal Regional Court of the 1st Region paralyzed the analysis of the search on the grounds that it violated the professional secrecy of the advocacy.

The case reached the Federal Supreme Court, which returned it to the TRF-1 without merit analysis. In November 2021, the federal court authorized Zanone’s breach of bank secrecy. With that, the Federal Police reopened the inquiry, which runs under secrecy.

Adélio’s defense, now in charge of the Federal Public Defender’s Office, was initially composed of four lawyers.

Zanone would be the coordinator of the group, also composed of Pedro Augusto de Lima Felipe e Possa, Marcelo Manoel da Costa and Fernando Magalhães.

Sought this Wednesday (15), Zanone said he believed that the entire tax life of his companies had been breached.

The attack against Bolsonaro took place on September 6, 2018, when Adelio stabbed the then-presidential candidate in the stomach during a campaign rally in Juiz de Fora.

The Federal Police concluded, in two investigations, that Adélio acted alone, without any real evidence that he was helped by other people or obeyed an order.

Considered unimputable by the Federal Justice due to the diagnosis of a mental disorder that prevents him from understanding the nature of the crime he committed, he is under security measures at the federal penitentiary in Campo Grande (MS).

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