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Data from the survey “Food today: the consumer’s view” by Galunion, a consultancy specializing in food away from home, revealed that 64% of respondents go to food establishments away from home for social gatherings. The research resulted in a list of requests that the client would like to make to businessmen in the sector.

At the top of the most voted is the desire to find tastier and cheaper dishes (45%), followed by the expectation that, for this, establishments do not sacrifice product quality (34%. Hospitality and experience were chosen by 15% of respondents). respondents and good service by 7%.

Another fact that complements the information above is that 95% of respondents want to find new products in food and beverages. And among the suggestions of consumers for the menu with culinary trends are:

  • Use products made with natural ingredients (42%)
  • Offer breakfast products served at any time of the day (40%)
  • Offer dishes and drinks that bring comfort and nostalgia (38%)
  • Using local/craft suppliers (36%)
  • Find tasty and indulgent dishes (34%).

For Nathalia Royo, Market Intelligence & Marketing at Galunion, there is a great trend of multi-trend products and offers. “The trend of using natural ingredients, for example, is a growing movement in the market and already showed potential during the pandemic, a time when consumers started to value healthiness even more. With an increasingly protagonist consumer, offering such products together with flexibility is a way to meet different consumer demands in an executable way for your business.”, he completes.