Rebelo says that Lula “hands over the Amazon to international interests”

Rebelo says that Lula “hands over the Amazon to international interests”

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Former deputy and former Minister of Defense, Aldo Rebelo| Photo: Gazeta do Povo/Arquivo

Former congressman and former Minister of Defense, Aldo Rebelo, said that the Lula government “surrenders the destiny of the Amazon, at least partially, to the control of international interests.” When evaluating Lula’s first nine months in office, Rebelo also said that the government is “loaded with contradictions and ambiguities”.

“It is a government that appears to pursue an independent foreign policy, but in what is the most important topic of Brazil’s foreign policy, which is the Amazon, it is a government that approaches a sharing, an administration shared with national interests, with NGOs financed from abroad […] Recently, the president (Lula) announced a series of measures (aimed at the environmentalist agenda in the Amazon), and no measures to take into account the 30 million Brazilians who live in the Amazon, living with the worst social indicators in the country”, said the former -minister during an interview given to the program “Tá na Roda”, on Jovem Pan, this Sunday (17).

At the time, the program’s presenters were commenting on the statement given this week by the Minister of the Environment, Marina Silva, regarding the lack of control over the increase in deforestation, which has been recording record numbers since Lula returned to the Presidency.

Rebelo also spoke about the mini-ministerial reform promoted by Lula to house the “Centrão”. According to the former deputy, the former Minister of Sports, Ana Moser, was the victim of an arrangement to fulfill a “gender quota” or “political quota for parliamentary support” and took over the portfolio without the government having a plan for the sector.

Ana Moser was removed from her position to give the vacancy to federal deputy, André Fufuca (PP-MA).

“I don’t know of any projects. It is a ministry without resources, without means”, said Rebelo when defending a greater allocation of resources for the department.

The former deputy also sees the incorporation of “Centrão” parties into the government as normal and necessary. “It is difficult to govern Brazil in conflict with the Centrão,” he said.

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