PSOL councilor nominates daughter of colleague, but Chamber stops – 03/15/2023 – Panel

PSOL councilor nominates daughter of colleague, but Chamber stops – 03/15/2023 – Panel

Celso Giannazi (PSOL) appointed the daughter of a party colleague and also councilwoman in the São Paulo City Council, Silvia Ferraro, better known as Silvia da Bancada Feminista (PSOL), to work in his office.

Victoria Ferraro was appointed on Friday (10) to work as a special adviser to Giannazi’s cabinet. An internal investigation by the São Paulo Legislature then identified the kinship and nullified the ordinance that had given the position to the daughter of the councilor this Wednesday (15), citing the binding summary 13/2008 of the Federal Supreme Court, which deals with nepotism.

In a note, the councilor says he did not know of the kinship between the two. The councilor claims that she learned from her colleague’s team that her daughter was being nominated and that there was no exchange of favors that could configure cross-nepotism (see below).

All appointments to the São Paulo City Council require the signing of a memorandum by both the councilor and the nominee. In it, both need to certify that they are not aware of any kinship link between the nominee and any employee of the House or councilor. Giannazi and Victoria signed the document.

In an interview with Sheet in 2020, Silvia Ferraro spoke of her daughter, saying that she was born in a squatting birth offered by SUS at Unicamp’s Hospital de Clínicas and that she acted as director of social movements for the National Union of Students (UNE). At the time, Victoria was 25 years old.

Giannazi has been a councilor since 2019, when he took over from Sâmia Bomfim (PSOL), who became a federal deputy. He was re-elected in 2020.

Silvia Ferraro was elected for the first time in 2020 as part of the PSOL Feminist Bench, a collective mandate made up of five women and of which she is the holder.

In a note, Giannazi says that he and Silvia Ferraro took steps to make the ordinance void. In a note, he states that he recommended that his team hire an advisor linked to the student movement, and that the chosen name was Victoria Ferraro, for her “recognized trajectory in the student movement, confirmed by having been elected one of the vice-presidents member of UNE and a member of PSOL”.

The text also states that the advice of the councilor was not aware of the kinship between the two.

Silvia Ferraro, for her part, claims that she learned from Giannazi’s team that Victoria would be nominated “because of her own and independent trajectory in the defense of public education”. She says she then sought out Giannazi, who, she said, said he was unaware of the nomination, which was being forwarded by his office staff.

“There was, therefore, no form of exchange of favors that could configure ‘crossed nepotism’. Our collective mandate and the PSOL are totally contrary to this practice”, says the text.

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