Pro-Bolsonaro demonstration reinforces clash between left and right

Pro-Bolsonaro demonstration reinforces clash between left and right


The demonstration in support of former president Jair Bolsonaro scheduled for this Sunday has increased tension between the left and right in Brazil and could have repercussions on the municipal elections in October. Government supporters try to deflate the act by claiming that it is undemocratic and could result in Bolsonaro’s arrest. The right retorts and says that the PT and allied parties are cornered, afraid of the great support for Bolsonaro.

Parliamentarians heard by People’s Gazette point out that, knowing the size of the act in São Paulo, the PT has used tricks to try to undermine popular support, whether through the dissemination of fake news or by stating that Bolsonaro will be arrested as soon as possible, and that he would even have a reserved cell . Among the “fake news” are a false warning that protesters who participate in the act will be arrested, in the same way as happened on January 8, 2023, and the statement that the demonstration has a coup character.

Representative Luciano Zucco (PL-RS) claims this type of reaction occurs because the left is scared. Zucco said that the left knows the “size” of Bolsonaro. “It’s natural that they want to create a narrative to inhibit who will be there. This support will be reflected in the municipal elections and we will be strong in the 2026 elections”, said the parliamentarian. A strong turnout from the public and allies could help the Liberal Party reach its goal of electing more than a thousand mayors in the election at the end of the year.

Representative Marco Feliciano (PL-SP) says he has no doubt that the pro-Bolsonaro act will be a turning point in the political moment, with broad support, despite threats from the system, which seeks to intimidate the population. “It will show that we are united. That the right is not divided. That we still have leadership. And above all, we have the power to mobilize.”

Gustavo Gayer (PL-GO) goes further, and says that the great support that the act will certainly have, in addition to reflecting on the choice of mayors in October, could also, in the short term, affect Lula’s governability in the National Congress. This is because, as the deputy has said in videos posted on social media, Centrão could even leave the allied base.

“May the demonstration serve as a brake on the dictatorship and a demonstration for the National Congress, so that the center abandons the government and begins to walk with the people. The centrão is sold, but they can change sides depending on support, and the government, by losing the centrão, loses governability”, stated the deputy.

Senator Magno Malta (PL-ES), reinforces that the demonstration called for Sunday will be “absolutely peaceful”, despite the arguments to the contrary from those trying to deflate the movement. “If they are scared, it is possibly because they see in the middle of the street that that avalanche of votes that was given to Jair Bolsonaro shows that he [Bolsonaro] He is the greatest leader in this country.” The senator also reinforces that the former president is now “politically persecuted”.

Cornered, left tries to “empty” demonstration in Paulista

The PT sued the Public Electoral Ministry against Sunday’s pro-Bolsonaro act on Avenida Paulista, alleging that it could involve crimes against the Democratic Rule of Law, irregular financing and early electoral propaganda. Furthermore, members of the party have used social media and the Chamber’s rostrum to try to intimidate Bolsonaro’s supporters. This is what deputy Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ) did when he spoke and stated that “whoever goes to Paulista will go straight to Papuda”, referring to the Brasília Penitentiary, where the January 8 prisoners were taken.

The analogy of Sunday’s demonstration with the acts of vandalism on January 8, 2023, by the way, is one of the left’s main false arguments to try to undermine support for Bolsonaro. The president of the PT, Gleisi Hoffman (PT-PR) criticized the governor of São Paulo, Tarcísio de Freitas, for missing the “Unshakable Democracy” event, promoted by Lula in the White Hall of Congress, and having confirmed his presence at the pro act -Bolsonaro. Gleisi stated on X (Twitter) that “this demonstration will be a flirtation with coupism, with fascism. It is an affront to democracy and the Constitution.”

In addition to the false news about Bolsonaro’s imminent arrest, support for a coup and other acts scheduled for the same day and place, social movements and parties released a document called “Manifesto for Democracy”, in Brasília, which, according to the former president of the Order of Lawyers of Brazil, Cesar Brito, has an “alert” character.

This is because the document attributes the pro-Bolsonaro act “to the same elements responsible for the barbarity of January 8, 2023, who are now turning against Justice, democracy and the rule of law”.

Right wing refutes accusations and reiterates the peaceful nature of the act in Paulista

Senator Rogério Marinho (PL-RN) was another parliamentarian who used social media to criticize the left’s attempts to empty Sunday’s demonstration. He said that the PT is scared. “Like other left-wing parties, [o PT] it uses liberal democracy to gain power, and there it works to suffocate, embarrass and intimidate those who think differently. Exactly how Nazis and fascists behaved before, and how communists behave now”, said the leader of the opposition in the Senate in his profile on X.

A People’s Gazette, Deputy Rodrigo Valadares (União-SE), said that Sunday’s demonstration has everything to be one of the biggest in recent times, and that there is no interest in intensifying tempers or conflicts. “It is evident that this is what is frightening, so much so that the PT has already tried to prevent this demonstration from taking place. Every day we see news that the Army is preparing a cell for the eventual arrest of Bolsonaro and the military. Anyway, all of this shows that the left is really scared about this demonstration on the 25th.”

Counterattack from the right “threatens” the political project of the left, says analyst

According to PhD in Political Sciences Priscila Lapa, the left fears that the possible success of the demonstration will threaten their political project, which has been underway since Lula’s victory. But the analyst said that caution is needed when analyzing the political results that Sunday’s act could generate.

“Perhaps the left is not afraid, but it is afraid that the counter-attack from the right will come in handy”, he stated. The counter-attack refers to the Federal Police’s investigations into the planning of an alleged coup d’état.

In the analyst’s opinion, there is no doubt that disputes over narratives and strategies between right and left remain in the background of Brazilian political structuring today, and the demonstration should accentuate this tension.

“This is reflected, for example, in a stagnation in the evaluation of Lula’s federal government, specifically still clearly showing that there is this division of the electorate. Lula is unable to enter, for example, into a positive assessment within an electorate that is not his captive,” he said.

“So the division remains, but how much it will impact the electoral process is still unknown, how this will be structured in terms of electoral choice”, he stated.

For political scientist Adriano Cerqueira, from Ibmec, the fact that the PT has called the Public Electoral Ministry against the act called for Sunday in São Paulo, asking for prevention and investigation measures on early electoral propaganda and financiers demonstrates electoral concern, much more than the fear alleged by the party that the movement will turn into a new January 8th.

Adriano reinforces that “whoever is calling this demonstration is the main reference of the national right today in Brazil, which is Bolsonaro. He is increasingly being seen by right-wing conservative voters as a victim of political persecution,” he said.

Parliamentarians will have great participation in the Paulista event

More than 100 federal deputies have already confirmed their presence at the pro-Bolsonaro event this Sunday, in addition to 20 senators, four governors, dozens of mayors and personalities from various sectors.

The pro-Bolsonaro event is scheduled for 3pm, on Avenida Paulista. The former president asked supporters not to carry banners or posters. The objective would be to avoid new complaints and accusations that could complicate Jair Bolsonaro’s situation, mainly with the Federal Supreme Court (STF).


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