Studies began in March and effective testing of the cameras on PRF agents’ uniforms should begin at the end of the year.| Photo: José Cruz/Agência Brasil

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) announced, this Thursday (25), that it is studying the use of body cameras on the uniforms of the corporation’s agents during approach actions, in a partnership with specialists from 53 institutions.

In a first stage, which began in March, the working group made up of 16 police officers tests equipment from five brands, analyzes aspects such as capturing and storing images, in addition to the cost of implementation.

“We understand the body camera project as a fundamental step for the future of the PRF, as this is a guarantee instrument, not only for society, but, in the PRF’s view, fundamental for the safety of the police officer himself”, said Antônio Fernando Souza Oliveira, general director of the PRF, in a note to People’s Gazette.

The PRF also states that practical tests with the so-called “bodycams” ​​should begin at the end of this year. The images captured by the cameras may be used, in the future, as evidence in possible legal proceedings.

Last year, a 38-year-old man died during a police approach in Sergipe. The police officers were removed from their activities and a disciplinary process was initiated to investigate the action.