PGR asks for investigation against Magno Malta for talking about racism

PGR asks for investigation against Magno Malta for talking about racism

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) asked the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to open an inquiry to investigate Senator Magno Malta (PL-ES) for criticism of the repercussion of the case of racism against the player Vinicius Junior. The information was released by Folha de S.Paulo.

The request of the Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, was based on the senator’s speeches during the session of the Economic Affairs Committee of the Federal Senate, this Tuesday (23/5), when he criticized the demands made for justice and respect in the case of racism against Vinicius Junior in the match between Real Madrid and Valencia, in Spain, last Sunday (21). Fans chanted “mono” (“monkey”, in Spanish) when the Brazilian was close to the side.

On Twitter, the player stated that “it was not the first time, nor the second nor the third”. “Racism is normal in La Liga. (…) I’m sorry for the Spaniards who don’t agree, but today, in Brazil, Spain is known as a country of racists”, he added.

When talking about the case of racism in the Senate, the congressman questioned the absence of defenders of the monkeys, to whom the Brazilian striker was compared by the fans of the opposing team, Valencia. “You can only kill something with something’s own venom, okay? So, here’s the thing: where are the defenders of the animal cause who don’t defend the monkey? The monkey is exposed. See how much hypocrisy! And the monkey is intelligent, it is very close to the man – the only difference is the tail. He is agile, brave, cheerful; everything you can imagine it has,” said Malta.

According to Malta, the media covered the matter to gain an audience. “Revictimizing him, because the subject gives them Ibope for them to gain more sponsors. It is a ‘brazenness’ that”, she said.

“They revitalize Vinicius, instead of putting the boy up there. He’s already made his outburst. He’s simply a genius, he plays today for Real Madrid as he played for Flamengo’s juniors, without knowing that there’s anyone on the field and such”, he added.

According to the senator, in addition to racism, he is also jealous of the attacks against Vini Jr. “What they did is barbaric, what they did is dishonest, it’s dishonest. In what they did to him, we take everything for the color of his skin, but there’s a lot involved there: he’s jealous, he wanted to be him and he’s not” , argued.

In view of the repercussions of the senator’s statements, two requests for the initiation of disciplinary proceedings against Malta were filed with the Senate’s Council for Ethics and Parliamentary Decorum. The first was signed by journalists, former athletes and celebrities and says that the senator’s speech is “incompatible with parliamentary decorum” and asks that Malta lose the senator’s mandate. The second request was filed by PSOL, calling Magno Malta’s speech “racist” and “inhumane” and also asking for the impeachment of the parliamentary mandate.

A People’s Gazette contacted the senator’s advisory to find out if he will comment on the PGR request and the Ethics Council process, but has not yet received a response.

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