Petrobras: Tender registration ends this Friday (17) – 03/16/2023 – Market

Petrobras: Tender registration ends this Friday (17) – 03/16/2023 – Market

Registration for the Petrobras tender closes at 6 pm this Friday (17). There are 373 immediate vacancies and another 746 vacancies for reserve registration, adding up to 1,119 opportunities 1,119. The tests are scheduled for April 30, 2023 in all capitals of the country. The initial remuneration is R$ 5,563.90.

Enrollment must be made on the Cebraspe website (by paying a fee of R$ 62.79. There are quotas for people with disabilities and black people, corresponding to 8% and 20% of vacancies, respectively.

Vacancies are for the position of junior technical level professional in different areas of activity, such as occupational nursing, inspection of equipment and installations, transport logistics, maintenance, operation, occupational safety and supply of goods and services. The requirements for competition are listed in the notice.

The test will have objective questions of basic and specific knowledge

The Cebraspe test has one hundred questions, 40 relating to basic knowledge of the Portuguese language and mathematics subjects and 60 of specific knowledge, varying according to the position.

Questions must be answered right or wrong. Each correct answer gives a point to the candidate and each error takes away a point. No points are assigned if the question is left blank — which can also be a tactic to not lose points.

Daniel Lustosa, professor of the AlfaCon preparatory course, says that the expectation is for a very well-prepared test, which is beneficial to the candidate. “Cebraspe’s exams are always well contextualized and demand targeted preparation according to the public notice”, he says.

With a month and a half until the test, Lustosa recommends that candidates take advantage of previous materials from Cebraspe. “The tip is always the same: theory and practice, with content and exercises from the board. The more questions from the board the candidate does, the better.”

The bank was also responsible for the 2022 Petrobras tender, a test that can be used by candidates as a form of training. “Petrobrás tenders are always excellent opportunities, so we can expect a tender with a medium to high difficulty level”, concludes Lustosa.

Focus on basic disciplines can make a difference

“The differential that will lead the student to approval is, mainly, doing well in the basic disciplines, which thus differentiates them from candidates who end up focusing disproportionately on the specific ones. It is what has made the difference”, opines professor José Maria, from the Directorate Contests.

He reinforces the importance of doing Cebraspe exercises, adapting to his charging style. In Portuguese, for example, the board values ​​the candidate’s ability to understand.

“We can expect a test with diversified texts, which mainly assesses the student’s ability to identify implicit information and make inferences. Point out not what the text says, but what it implies.”

In addition, it recommends candidates to maintain consistency in their studies and use their time productively, taking advantage of lean and targeted materials for the competition in the period leading up to the test.

“If you have two hours a day to study, that’s no problem, but use them in a productive way, consolidating the understanding of that topic that is often on the test, solving questions and capturing the style of the bank. on the day of the test, you will be very well prepared”, says José Maria.

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