Reduction in the maximum interest rate on payroll loans also affects the rate applied to the benefit card.| Photo: Marcello Casal Jr/Agência Brasil

The National Social Security Council (CNPS) approved, this Monday (13), the reduction of the maximum interest rate limit on payroll loans for INSS beneficiaries, from 2.14% to 1.70% per month.

The reduction will also be applied to the percentage value for the payroll credit card, from 3.06% to 2.62%.

According to Minister Carlos Lupi, of Social Security, the reduction will benefit more than 37 million retirees and pensioners who use operations with direct debit on the payroll, eight million of whom have an active payroll contract and about 18 million have already reached the margin usage limit of 45%.

“With the payroll guarantee, there is security to reduce the risk of loans, as well as in the case of civil servants. Therefore, we presented and defended the reduction proposal, which was approved by the board, ”he said.

Lupi said that the payroll use margin for payroll should also be reviewed from the next board meeting, scheduled for April 27th. According to the ministry, the members also approved the formation of working committees to analyze the payroll credit card model within 60 days, as well as the composition and competence of the collegiate, within 90 days.