Parliamentarians comment on the choice of Omar Aziz as rapporteur for the new fiscal framework

Parliamentarians comment on the choice of Omar Aziz as rapporteur for the new fiscal framework

fiscal framework

The new fiscal framework defines the country’s new fiscal rule in order to control government expenditures

Brasilia DF) – Senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM) was quoted as rapporteur for the new fiscal framework approved in its entirety in the Chamber of Deputies, on Wednesday (24), which should reach the Federal Senate by the end of the week. The new fiscal framework defines the country’s new fiscal rule, which will replace the spending ceiling, with the aim of controlling government spending.

Aziz’s name was already mentioned by parliamentarians, for the position of rapporteur. The Planalto Palace was evaluating three more candidates for the position, the leader of the MDB in the Senate, Eduardo Braga (AM); PSD leader in the Senate, Otto Alencar (BA); and the president of the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ), Davi Alcolumbre (União-AP). Senator Plínio Valério declared to the In timethat this Senate decision brings great benefits to Amazonas.

“This decision brings greater security to the Amazonians. Omar is prepared for this and, of course, he will see our interest, the interest of Amazonas, so we will be able to talk, help and participate”, he said.

The matter was approved by 372 votes in favor and 108 against by the deputies and was amended by the rapporteur for the agenda, Cláudio Cajado (PP-BA). If the approved text is changed again by the Senate, it returns to the Chamber of Deputies. The project’s initial house has the final word on the content and may or may not accept the changes already made.

The quorum for approval of the complementary Bill must be an absolute majority of the two Houses, with 41 senators and 257 deputies. Federal deputy Saullo Vianna (União Brasil), pointed out that Aziz has a large party within the Senate and good relationships that will help build a majority for approval of the fiscal framework.

“As the idea is that the text can be kept the same as it was approved in the chamber, Senator Omar has this good relationship with the senators and he is certainly the right name to be able to build this unity while before we could have approved it, also in the Senate and so it passes for sanction and then soon after we will start to deal specifically within the congress with tax reform, which is another important agenda for the country and an important agenda for the state of Amazonas as well”, he declared

Omar Aziz was also the president of the CPI of Covid in the Senate in 2021. Now, as thesis rapporteur, he will elaborate his opinion, based on the opinions of parliamentarians, after passing through committees and taking it to the Plenary, on limiting expenses and establishing rules for growth of public accounts.

Senator Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), evaluated the senator from Amazonas as a necessary profile to defend the interests of the new framework in the commissions, where there are usually tensions during the debates.

If the text is approved by the parliamentarians, it goes to the sanction of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), who will be able to veto changes made in the plenary sessions.

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