Paraná Pesquisas publishes 1st electoral survey for Belo Horizonte City Hall

Paraná Pesquisas publishes 1st electoral survey for Belo Horizonte City Hall

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A survey by Paraná Pesquisas shows voting intentions for the Belo Horizonte City Hall election race.| Photo: Amira Hissa/Belo Horizonte City Hall

Paraná Pesquisas released this Tuesday (14) the first survey for the municipal elections in Belo Horizonte, in 2024. Senator Carlos Viana (Podemos) is victorious in the three situations suggested to the respondents.

In another scenario, with the presence of federal deputy Nikolas Ferreira (PL), the most voted in the country in the 2022 election, the difference for Viana is only 3.1%, within the poll’s margin of error.

Federal deputy Duda Salabert (PDT), on the other hand, shoots to the second position in a scenario without Nikolas Ferreira and without Eduardo Costa (Cidadania), who was even quoted as vice-president of the current governor Romeu Zema (Novo), with 11.6% of voting intentions.

The survey also showed that 57.1% of respondents approve of the administration of the current mayor, against 28.9% who disapprove. The survey was conducted between March 9th and 12th and the margin of error is 3.5 percentage points.

Check below the full result of the research and the applied methodology:

Scenario 1, with Nikolas Ferreira:

  • Carlos Viana (Podemos): 23.8%;
  • Nikolas Ferreira (PL): 20.7%;
  • Duda Salabert (PDT): 10.5%;
  • Fuad Noman (PSD): 6.2%;
  • Beatriz Cerqueira (PT): 5%;
  • Marcelo Aro (PP): 4.6%;
  • Newton Cardoso Jr. (MDB): 4.3%;
  • Gabriel Azevedo (without party): 3.4%;
  • Bella Gonçalves (PSOL): 2.1%;
  • Don’t know/did not answer: 5.5%;
  • Blank/null/none: 13.9%.

Scenario 2, without Nikolas Ferreira and with Eduardo Costa:

  • Carlos Viana (Podemos): 24%;
  • Eduardo Costa (Citizenship): 13.1%;
  • Duda Salabert (PDT): 10.5%;
  • Bruno Engler (PL): 8.4%;
  • Fuad Noman (PSD): 6%;
  • Marcelo Aro (PP): 5.9%;
  • Beatriz Cerqueira (PT): 4.8%;
  • Newton Cardoso Jr. (MDB): 3.3%;
  • Bella Gonçalves (PSOL): 2.1%;
  • Does not know/did not answer: 5.4%;
  • Blank/null/none: 16.5%.

Scenario 3, without Nikolas Ferreira and without Fuad Noman:

  • Carlos Viana (Podemos): 29.1%;
  • Duda Salabert (PDT): 11.6%;
  • Bruno Engler (PL): 8.7%;
  • Marcelo Aro (PP): 7%;
  • Beatriz Cerqueira (PT): 5.2%;
  • Newton Cardoso Jr. (MDB): 4.7%;
  • Gabriel Azevedo (without party): 3.8%;
  • Bella Gonçalves (PSOL): 2.6%;
  • Diego Andrade (PSD): 2%;
  • Does not know/did not answer: 6.3%;
  • Blank/null/none: 19.1%.


Paraná Pesquisas interviewed 812 voters in the city of Belo Horizonte in person, between March 9 and 12, 2023. The margin of error is 3.5 percentage points, and the confidence interval is 95%. The survey is not registered with the TRE-MG (Regional Electoral Court of Minas Gerais). Electoral law requires registration only for polls published in the election year. The complete survey report is available in PDF at this link.

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