Pacheco manifests opposition to the opening of the CPI of the day 8/1 to the STF

Pacheco manifests opposition to the opening of the CPI of the day 8/1 to the STF

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The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, tells the STF that it is not possible to open a CPI on the acts of January 8| Photo: oque de Sá / Senado Agency

The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-RO), sent on the night of this Monday (13), to the Federal Supreme Court (STF), a manifestation contrary to the opening of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) to investigate the acts of vandalism of the 8th of January. The petition was sent to Minister Gilmar Mendes, rapporteur for the action at the STF.

Pacheco’s position was in response to a writ of mandamus presented by Senator Soraya Thronicke (União-MS), in which she asks that the signatures collected for the installation of the investigation, which were presented on January 9, be recognized.

In the document, also signed by the Advocacy of the Senate, Pacheco says that the senator’s request “was presented in the last legislature, and there are regulatory provisions, the interpretation of which prevent its automatic continuation”. According to the petition, “at the end of a legislature, all proposals pending in the Federal Senate will be archived”, as the new legislature began on February 1, the senator’s request was archived.

Pacheco also reinforced that for the installation application to be valid, the collected signatures must be ratified. “The expression of will of the Senators who exercise their mandate in the current legislature must be ratified for the creation of a CPI, in order to allow the eventual use of the request that is under deliberation by the President of the Senate.”

In response to the position of the President of the Senate, Soraya Thronicke informed that she will present a new manifestation to Minister Gilmar Mendes against Pacheco’s arguments. She alleged that the arguments presented by Pacheco do not fit in the discussion about the January 8 commission, “since they refer to the hypothesis of functioning CPIs”.

“In our case, the proposal presented by me and signed by more than 40 senators who are in their mandate cannot even be considered a request, considering that it has not yet been read by President Pacheco”, wrote the parliamentarian.

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