Operation in RN arrests members of faction that organized attacks

Operation in RN arrests members of faction that organized attacks

A joint operation by the Civil, Military and Federal Police of Rio Grande do Norte carried out, early this Friday (17), 30 arrest warrants and 24 search and seizure warrants against members of the criminal faction that organized the attacks against public and private property in Rio Grande do Norte. state since Monday (13). According to the Federal Police, warrants are carried out in the capital, Natal, and in the municipalities of Parnamirim and Nísia Floresta, in the metropolitan region.

The investigations that led to the Normandy operation point out that the group operated with drug trafficking on the southern coast of the state and had as its main characteristic attacking public security agents. At least four police officers have been targets of attacks in the last five years, one of which died with his wife.

According to the State Secretariat for Public Security and Social Defense (Sesed), the organization generated approximately R$ 150,000 a month with trafficking and robberies. The money was passed on to José Kemps Pereira de Araújo, known as Alicate, arrested in January for complying with a court decision.

Alicate is appointed as one of the heads of a criminal faction that operates in Rio Grande do Norte and was transferred from the State Penitentiary of Alcaçuz to the Federal Prison of Mossoró, on Tuesday (14), for being appointed as one of the masterminds of the criminal attacks that is taking place in the state. More details of the operation will be released later this morning.

fourth night of attacks

The state of Rio Grande do Norte had the fourth night of criminal attacks, with records of attacks against businesses, public buildings, PM bases and vehicles. The capital dawned with only 20% of the public transport fleet on the streets.

At least 39 Potiguar cities have registered criminal attacks since Monday (13), according to information from the local press.

According to Sesed, 72 people have already been arrested for their participation in the attacks, in addition to the seizure of 20 firearms, 22 gallons of gasoline used to set fire to buses, money, drugs and ammunition.

State security authorities claim that the attacks are related to operations carried out against drug trafficking, in addition to the transfer of leaders of criminal factions to other prisons. The orders for the attacks would have come from within the Alcaçuz Penitentiary, the largest prison unit in the state, in Greater Natal.

This Friday’s (17th) operation involved more than 100 police officers and the support of a helicopter from the Integrated Air Operations Center (Ciopaer). Another 100 National Force agents have already been working to contain the attacks since Wednesday (15) and another 90 agents and 30 criminal police officers should arrive in Rio Grande do Norte by the end of the day.

Neighboring states like Ceará and Paraíba have also provided reinforcements, with 30 police officers each and three helicopters. “Therefore, bringing here important news, such as the reinforcement of the national security force here in our state, insofar as, in contact with Minister Flávio Dino, once again sensitive, the presence of the national security force of our state will increase ”, said Governor Fátima Bezerra (PT) late this Thursday (16) afternoon.

Intervention in public safety

Last Wednesday (15), Minister Flávio Dino, of Justice, authorized a prison intervention in Rio Grande do Norte for 30 days.

According to the government’s ordinance, the task force coordinates the activities of guard, surveillance and custody services for prisoners. The operation has logistical support and supervision by the State’s penitentiary administration and public security bodies.

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