Oil in Amapá: Furlan defends possibilities of studies for the development of the capital – News of Brazil

Oil in Amapá: Furlan defends possibilities of studies for the development of the capital – News of Brazil

In the plenary of the Municipality of Macapá (CMM), the mayor of Macapa, doctor furlan, participated in a public hearing regarding the possibility of an environmental assessment of oil exploration on the coast of Amapá. The debate that took place this Friday morning (26) heard the community, representatives of the Federal, State and Municipal Legislative Power, in addition to the state and municipal governments.

The head of the Municipal Executive Branch highlighted the importance of the feasibility of a technical and scientific study with social and environmental responsibility, since the prospects for oil exploration, as has already occurred in the other states of the Federation, are also possibilities for socioeconomic development of the capital amapaense.

“Environmental safety is paramount for oil exploration on the coast of Amapá, and with commitment and seriousness, this new economic matrix tends to contribute to the progress of the state, consequently, to the social and economic growth of the municipality of Macapá”, emphasized Mayor Dr. Furlan.

The public hearing was presided over by the president of the CMM, councilor Marcelo Dias (Solidariedade), with the theme “Oil Exploitation on the Amapá Coast – Petroleum Yes, Misery No”, in which he highlighted the need to improve the quality of life of the population macapaense with the probability of carrying out oil exploration.

The research environment is located 174 km from the coast of Amapá, 540 km from the mouth of the Amazon River. Therefore, on the occasion, issues of licensing, logistics, operations, infrastructure up to the exploratory phases were discussed.

the senator Lucas Barreto (PSD-AP) asked for the research to continue, as the temporality of carrying out the activities permeates the studies: emergency plans; oil dispersion studies, hydrodynamics of the region, strategic environmental assessment. The parliamentarian stressed that there is no legal impediment.

“The most preserved state in the world is Amapá, and the people of Amapá are unaware of the potential of the state itself, so it is important to study it because we have all the potential. It is necessary to leave the margins of the 60% below the poverty line in Amapá”pondered the senator for Amapá, in favor of oil exploration on the coast of Amapá.

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