New decree on CACs will restrict the number of guns per person

New decree on CACs will restrict the number of guns per person

The Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flávio Dino, presented this Wednesday (24) to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) the draft of the new firearms decree that will regulate the registration of Collectors, Sport Shooters and Hunters (CACs). ). The government’s idea is to tighten the rules established by the Disarmament Statute by reducing the limit on firearms per citizen.

According to members of the Ministry of Justice, the new decree will return with the leveling of shooters by category. With this, only the highest level CACs will be entitled, for example, to buy rifles. This classification was extinguished during the government of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and since then anyone has the right to buy up to 60 weapons with up to 180,000 ammunition annually.

The expectation is that this division will occur in up to three levels, and the level 1 sports shooter will be entitled to up to 4 firearms of permitted use and 2,000 cartridges per year per weapon of permitted caliber. For the second level, up to 8 permitted firearms and 6,000 cartridges per year per permitted caliber weapon.

Finally, the level three sport shooter will have up to 16 permitted firearms. Hunters, on the other hand, may have only one weapon of permitted use, single shot, with 1 or 2 barrels, with a smooth core, such as shotguns, and with a caliber equal to or less than 16 (for shotguns, the higher the number, the smaller the caliber of the weapon).

New rules still need to be analyzed by Lula and the Civil House

According to Flávio Dino, this hierarchy aims to reduce the access of “unqualified people” to weapons for restricted use, such as rifles. The minister also argues that the rule will also regulate “more clearly what is a hunter, what is a sport shooter, what is a collector, aiming to prevent fraud”, to ensure “responsible control of weapons “.

“Weapons in the right hands is our motto, that is, obviously with security professionals and those who meet the legal requirements, that’s just what we’ve been putting in place,” the minister said this week.

The new rules, however, will still need to be approved by Lula and the Civil House, led by Minister Rui Costa, where they may undergo modifications. In addition, the new decree will only be valid when published in the Official Gazette (DOU).

“The president’s desire is to have these definitive rules approved as soon as possible. So that in this very quick way of revising the milestone since January 1, we are really in the final chapters of this work”, argued Flávio Dino.

Dino that concentrate inspection of weapons in the Federal Police

On another front, the Minister of Justice wants to return to centralizing the control of gun registrations with the Federal Police alone. Currently, this activity is also carried out by the Army. By the end of May, the federal government had re-registered 939,000 weapons throughout the country.

With that, the PF, which is subordinate to Dino’s ministry, will be responsible for registering and supervising sport shooting entities and shooting instruction service companies. The agency will also register and inspect establishments selling weapons, ammunition and accessories.

According to Dino, 6,168 weapons were not re-registered within the period stipulated by the government. Fifty of them were located by the Federal Police under the possession of people convicted of crimes such as homicide and drug trafficking.

“They are not the real CACs. They are those who falsely used a CAC registration to have a personal defense license without fulfilling the legal requirements and also to sell weapons to the Red Command and the PCC (First Command of the Capital),” he said.

Leader of the public security group in the National Congress, deputy Alberto Fraga (PL-DF), stated that the new text is “neither the sky nor the sea”. But he evaluated positively the dialogue between the Ministry of Justice and the parliamentarians during the discussions of the working group that discussed the decree.

“This new decree will not be the sky, but neither will it be the sea. We understand that a text may come out that does not penalize people who bought weapons so much. I believe that the conversation is going very well with the minister. He has shown sensitivity on this matter”, defended the leader of the security group.

The parliamentary group even submitted a request to overturn the first decree signed by Lula, still in January, at the Chamber’s security commission. This decree suspended, for example, new registrations of CACs, clubs and shooting schools. The request for overthrow, however, did not go to the plenary after an agreement with the governing base of the National Congress.

According to Dino, in addition to deputies and senators, the working group met with various representatives of shooting clubs, shooting sports federations, human rights entities and entities that study public safety.

“This was the way we found to listen to them, but it does not mean that we are going to agree. We have always made it clear that we have a directive that won at the polls”, said the Minister of Justice at the beginning of this month.

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