Mueller Bom Gourmet Festival menu sale starts today!

Mueller Bom Gourmet Festival menu sale starts today!

Are you already aware of the news? The Mueller Bom Gourmet Festival returns for a second edition! In between June 1st and 30th, exclusive menus for lunch, afternoon coffee and dinner will be served in panoramic igloos on the rooftop of Espaço Gourmet/Floor L4 of Shopping Mueller. The purchase of vouchers for the special menus of the Mueller Bom Gourmet Festival starts today 05/29to the 7 pm. The menus can be checked in advance, from the 27/05th, on the website

During the festival, more than 20 restaurants and cafes operating in the mall will offer exclusive menus (with starter, main course and dessert) and afternoon coffee combos. In addition, this year, there is the option to purchase kids menus. Festival voucher prices range from R$49 (kids dish or coffee combo) to R$89 (lunch or dinner).

This year’s menus are varied and cater for all tastes. Were you interested? Check out some of the menus available for lunch or dinner in this edition of the festival, available for R$89.

menus with meat

La Vaca restaurant's menu appeals to beef lovers.
La Vaca restaurant’s menu appeals to beef lovers.| Fernando Zequinão

The festival has menus ideal for meat lovers. The options offered by the restaurants La Vaca and Mustang Sally make the mouth water for anyone who appreciates a good dish of meat.

In the menu of the cow, the experience begins with fried polenta with almond farofa and parmesan cheese for starters. The main dish is grilled Black Angus Chorizo, accompanied by a blend of potatoes and carrots, cheese sauce and Argentinean chimichurri. Dessert is a European churros dish with dulce de leche.

In the option of lunch and dinner, the mustang sally begins the experience with bar dumplings accompanied by a creamy and slightly smoked sauce. The main course consists of a cut of marinated beef, roasted and completely covered in a dark beer sauce, accompanied by fried polenta, farofa and salad. Dessert is churros with butter toffee caramel sauce.

In addition to beef, this edition of the festival features an alternative focused on pork. The Varanda do Porco restaurant offers customers a menu with pork in all dishes, even dessert. The experience begins with 4 mini pancettas as a starter, then pork tenderloin with icing sauce, accompanied by sausage risotto with leeks for the main course and, lastly, chocolate mousse with caramelized crispy bacon.

world foods

The Pecorino restaurant's menu features Italian cuisine.
The Pecorino restaurant’s menu features Italian cuisine.| Fernando Zequinão

For fans of international food, the festival has options for Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern cuisine, among others.

For lovers of Italian cuisine, the restaurant Pecorino prepared a menu that includes as a starter: leaf salad, cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, croutons and parmesan shavings. The star of the menu is the Fettuccelle del Mare, with prawns and squid sautéed in garlic, finished with pomodoro sauce and basil. Dessert is the traditional Panna Cotta with red fruit sauce.

The menu at the Wok to You restaurant is for those who enjoy hot Asian food preparations.
The menu at the Wok to You restaurant is for those who enjoy hot Asian food preparations.| Fernando Zequinão

For the Asian food team, Festival Mueller Bom Gourmet has hot and cold options. The restaurant wok to you prepared a menu with a starter of small packets of shrimp with creamy cheese and ponzu sauce, followed by shrimp wok (flat noodles with shrimp, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and carrots in teriyaki sauce).

The restaurant Naigaro, in turn, caters to sushi lovers. The menu starts with a three-fish ceviche – tuna, salmon and white fish and Tobiko roe (flying fish), with a citrus sauce. Then, customers can enjoy a combination of 6 special niguiris (salmon, tuna and white fish), 6 sashimis (salmon, tuna and white fish), 2 octopus sashimis, 2 Joe Salmon Tamagô and 4 Hot Cabbage.

Finally, Middle Eastern food is also on the menu for this edition of the festival. The restaurant Aish Baladi prepared three menus for the event (traditional, vegetarian and kids). The traditional menu starts with raw kibbeh carpaccio, followed by Entrecôte with curd conchiglone and cabotiá pumpkin.

Inclusive menusyou

The Buddah Bowl, from the Tasty Salad Shop, is a vegan option.
The Buddah Bowl, from the Tasty Salad Shop, is a vegan option.| Fernando Zequinão

The festival also has lunch and dinner options for consumers with dietary restrictions or supporters of vegetarian and vegan diets. Among the restaurants that developed inclusive menus is the Tasty Salad Shop, which has a vegan option. The establishment’s menu starts with quinoa tabbouleh, continues with the Budah Bowl, a mix of black rice, kale kale, falafel, pink hummus, cherry tomatoes, roasted onions and peppers, and peanut sauce. Dessert is the vegan chocolate bonbon with banana and peanut butter.

The restaurant Spoleto conceived a vegan menu within the Italian culinary tradition. The option brings tomato bruschetta, mushrooms, olives and mixed vegetables as a starter. The main dish is a fettuccine marinara with vegan meatballs from Futuro, and finally, dessert is lemon pie with caramel sauce.


It is worth remembering that in this edition of the festival, customers will also be able to buy wines in advance. The drink is an excellent choice to harmonize with the various menus present in the festival’s catalogue.

Festival Mueller Bom Gourmet
From 1st to 30th of June
Location: Shopping Mueller – Floor L4 (Avenida Cândido de Abreu, 127 – Centro Cívico, Curitiba/PR)
Information and reservations on the website:

Days and times:
The regular experience takes place from 01/06 to 30/06. Meals last 1h30 and are divided into five shifts: two lunch shifts (12pm – 1.30pm; 2pm – 3.30pm), a coffee break (4pm – 5.30pm) and two dinner shifts (7pm – 8pm and 9pm – 10.30pm).

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