MP-RS denounces Jean Wyllys for the crime of insulting Eduardo Leite

MP-RS denounces Jean Wyllys for the crime of insulting Eduardo Leite

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Former federal deputy Jean Wyllys (PT) suggested that Eduardo Leite would be a “gay with homophobia”. Gaucho governor countered: “depressing”| Photo: Grégori Bertó (Palácio Piratin) / Reproduction Facebook

The Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Sul (MPRS), through the Criminal Justice Prosecutor’s Office of Porto Alegre, denounced this Thursday (15) former federal deputy Jean Wyllys (PT) for the crime of insulting governor Eduardo Leite (PSDB).

On July 14, after Leite announced the continuity of the civic-military schools program in the State, Wyllis criticized the decision, citing “internalized homophobia”. “For straight right-wing and extreme-right governors to do this was already expected. But from a gay person…? Although gays with internalized homophobia generally develop libidos and fetishes in relation to authoritarianism and uniforms; if they are white and rich then… It’s ugly, bee!”, wrote the former deputy.

According to prosecutor Claudia Lenz Rosa, who signed the complaint against Jean Wyllys, the PT member insulted the governor “offending his dignity and decorum, due to his sexual orientation”.

“On that occasion, under the pretext of criticizing an announcement made by the victim, in his capacity as Governor of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, that he would maintain the state model of civic-military schools, the accused used the aforementioned social network to make a post offensive to the victim’s sexual orientation (…) By directing his criticism at the victim’s personal attributes, related to his sexual orientation, when he could have limited himself to criticizing the fact, the object of the nonconformity, the accused went beyond freedom of expression and deliberately and with animus injuriandi (intention to harm), the subjective honor of the victim”, says the prosecutor.

After the incident, the Rio Grande do Sul governor sued the MP-RS against the former deputy, and on July 26, the Rio Grande do Sul Public Prosecutor’s Office asked the Court to break Jean Wyllys’ confidentiality and remove the publication with the criticism directed at Leite. The court accepted the request.

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