Moro asks for investigation into video in which he suggests that Gilmar sells habeas corpus

Moro asks for investigation into video in which he suggests that Gilmar sells habeas corpus


Moro said that he respects the decision of the TSE, but that he regrets what happened

In contesting the accusation of having slandered Minister Gilmar Mendes, of the Federal Supreme Court, Senator Sergio Moro asked that the Federal Police investigate those responsible for three Twitter profiles that released the video in which the parliamentarian states: “This is bail to buy a habeas corpus by Gilmar Mendes”.

Former judge of Operation Lava Jato, Moro maintains such profiles would be responsible for the ‘malpractice of facts’ that reached the dean of the Maximum Court. Gilmar is critical of the former task force’s methods. He even mentioned Moro’s performance this Wednesday, the 24th, when mentioning the judgment on the figure of the guarantee judge.

The request was addressed to Minister Cármen Lúcia, rapporteur of the complaint filed by the Attorney General’s Office against Moro in April. In the document, the senator reiterates that he never accused the dean of crimes.

Moro’s defense had already presented counter-arguments to the PGR’s accusation, maintaining that there was a ‘lying and criminal edition’ of the senator’s statements in the recording, ‘to achieve his honor and credibility’.

The senator’s lawyers reiterate the allegation and say that it is proven by the fact that the three profiles that shared the video had a ‘different political inclination’ from Moro.

“The accused (Moro) at no time imputed knowingly false criminal conduct to Minister Gilmar Mendes. The recording was not made by Sergio Moro, nor at his request. It was not the accused who recorded the video, nor edited, created, modified, disseminated or propagated the fallacious and out-of-context version of the statements that came to the knowledge of His Excellency, Minister Gilmar Mendes”, sustained lawyer Luís Felipe Cunha to the Supreme Court.

The complaint against Moro was offered to the STF by the Deputy Attorney General of the Republic Lindôra Araújo. In the document, she narrates that the senator ‘with free will and conscience, slandered’ Minister Gilmar Mendes ‘falsely imputing’ the crime of passive corruption to him.

The accusation is based on the eight-second video that went viral on social media. The recording was made during a June party. Initially, an edited excerpt of it was shared. Afterwards, a video was published in which Moro’s wife, deputy Rosângela Moro also appears. They participated in the ‘jail’ game, when Moro made the statement that motivated the complaint.

“By falsely attributing the practice of the crime of passive corruption to the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court Gilmar Mendes, the accused Sergio Moro acted with the clear intention of tarnishing the image and objective honor of the offended party, trying to discredit his performance as a magistrate of the highest Court of the Country”, maintained the PGR.

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