Minister of the TSE participates in the Meeting of Electoral Corregedores of Brazil in Macapá – News of Brazil

Minister of the TSE participates in the Meeting of Electoral Corregedores of Brazil in Macapá – News of Brazil

Minister of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) and Electoral Inspector General, Benedito Gonçalves, highlighted this Friday (26) the partnership and permanent dialogue between the General Electoral Internal Affairs (CGE) and the Regional Corregedorias with the aim of always guaranteeing the provision of quality services to the population. The Electoral Corregedorias are responsible for overseeing the regularity of the JE’s registry activities in the country.

The declaration took place during the 51st Meeting of the College of Electoral Corregedores do Brasil (CCORELB). The event has been taking place since the 24th in Macapá, capital of Amapá, ending this Friday (26th) with the signing of the Charter of Macapá. In the morning, Benedito Gonçalves delivered the Maria Warrior Medal to the vice-president of the Regional Electoral Court of Acre (TRE-AC), judge Luis Vitor Camolez, who was president of the College of Corregedores in the biennium 2021/2022.

Created on June 8, 2018, the Warrior Medal Maria – July 2, was proposed, on the occasion, by the Electoral Corregidor of Bahia, Judge Jatahy Júnior, during the XLIII Meeting of the College of Electoral Corregedores, held in Salvador. The medal, “Honor to the Electoral Merit of the College of Regional Electoral Corregedores do Brasil”, honors one of the leaders of the Independence of Bahia, Maria Felipa de Oliveira.

close partnership

In his speech, Benedito Gonçalves informed that the CGE has a wide range of dialogue and is always open to receiving suggestions and contributions from the Regional Corregedorias. The minister recalled that he had, in March, a meeting with the new direction of CCORELB, in Brasília. “Ladies and gentlemen have a lot of experience”said the magistrate, highlighting a preparatory meeting for the 2022 Elections that he had with the regional magistrates and the president of the TSE, minister Alexandre de Moraes.

Benedito Gonçalves announced that the CGE will prepare a special ceremony for the granting of seals of good practices by the Regional Corregedorias. He informed that the event should last two days, with a working group involving registrants and guests from the TSE and other similar entities. The date has yet to be scheduled.

According to him, the first day of the event will be dedicated to the debate of practices in depth, so that they can be matured, enriched and shared in a reciprocal learning process. The second day will be dedicated to panels related to the themes and the award.

51st Meeting of the College of Electoral Corregedores do Brasil – CCORELB – 26.05.2023

The minister pointed out that a recent highly successful initiative was a consultation with the Electoral Zones to map local and regional specificities. “We verified the richness of Brazil, with the diversity of situations, which requires the Electoral Justice to adapt”, said Benedito, who informed that the idea for the consultation came up at the meeting of the College of Corregedores, which took place in Fortaleza (CE) in January. He also announced that, after processing the data obtained on new fields in the Electoral Registry, this will be an important tool for self-recognition and for the Regional Courts to be able to plan specific actions, complying with the guideline for inclusion of assistance.

In Amapá, Benedito also informed that the CGE submitted to the TSE a proposal to update the rules that deal with the attributions of the Electoral Corregedorias, noting that the existing resolution on the subject dates from 1965. “A lot has already changed in all fields of administrative and functional law, including the acts of Internal Affairs and even places of adaptation. So, this deserves reflection, standardization and standardization”he said.


The 51st Meeting of Electoral Corregedores do Brasil (CCORELB) aims to broaden the debates on ideas and innovations for the performance of the electoral corregedorias in the country. This is the first time that the Regional Electoral Court of Amapá (TRE-AP) hosts the meeting, which will end at 5 pm today with the signing of the Charter of Macapá.

About Maria Felipa de Oliveira

Maria Felipa de Oliveira, who gives the name to the CCORELB medal of honor, was born, on an unregistered date, on the island of Itaparica, in Bahia. Some records point to Maria Felipa as a black woman, seafood collector, fisherman and who, alongside Maria Quitéria and Joana Angélica, participated in the fight for the Independence of Bahia. Reports about the life of Maria Felipa show that a group led by her was, for many years, responsible for the defense of the coast of the Island of Itaparica. The group is attributed with burning about 40 Portuguese vessels.

periodic meetings

The College of Electoral Corregedores do Brasil traditionally holds two annual meetings, attended by Ministers of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Electoral Corregedores of the TREs, members of the collegiate, auxiliary judges of the respective Corregedorias and civil servants, as well as guest speakers.

The first edition of 2023 took place in January, at the new headquarters of the Regional Electoral Court of Ceará (TRE-CE). The election of the new board of the College of Electoral Corregedores do Brasil took place at the event.

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