Minister of Mines and Energy on Ibama vetoing oil in the Amazon: “Inadmissible”

Minister of Mines and Energy on Ibama vetoing oil in the Amazon: “Inadmissible”


Minister Alexandre Silveira, of Mines and Energy, attended a hearing at the Senate Infrastructure Committee this Wednesday (24)

Brasilia DF) – In a hearing at the Senate Infrastructure Committee, this Wednesday (24), the Minister of Mines and Energy, Alexandre Silveira, defended Petrobras’ project to explore for oil at the mouth of the Amazon River.

The issue has been the target of clashes within the government itself, as the Brazilian Institute for the Environment (Ibama) takes a stand against exploitation.

Earlier this week, the municipality refused to drill in the stretch located on the coast of Amapá, about 175 km from the coast. On the other side of the fight, Petrobras insists on asking Ibama to review the decision.

In a note released earlier this Wednesday, the state-owned company defended that the procedure is in accordance with regulatory standards and that “it fulfilled all the technical requirements demanded by Ibama for the project”. Even so, it is ready to “meet additional demands that may remain”.

In the Senate, Alexandre Silveira evaluated as “inadmissible” that Petrobras cannot “know” the mineral powers to be explored in Brazil. “When talking about energy transition, there is no way to dissociate it from mining, especially critical minerals. We are still dependent on fossil fuels,” he said.

Ibama’s decision was celebrated by the Minister of the Environment, Marina Silva. On Tuesday (23), the minister assessed the opinion of the municipality as a “technical decision”.

“Ibama’s opinion was against [à exploração na foz do Amazonas] and, from now on, what is established is compliance with the law: all oil exploration fronts and highly complex projects will undergo a strategic environmental assessment”, stated Marina.

“It is a technical decision, and a technical decision in a republican government, in a democratic government, is carried out and respected based on evidence”, added the Minister of the Environment.

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