‘MDB’s presence helps the government’, says Temer at Padilha’s wake

‘MDB’s presence helps the government’, says Temer at Padilha’s wake

Eliseu Lemos Padilha was veiled this Wednesday (15) in Porto Alegre. At the Piratini Palace, the seat of the Executive Branch of Rio Grande do Sul, hundreds of family members, friends and important figures in national and state politics said goodbye to the former minister and former federal deputy from Rio Grande do Sul for the MDB.

One of the illustrious presences that paid homage to Padilha was Michel Temer (MDB). On the occasion, the former president stated that he has been away from politics since leaving the Planalto Palace on January 1, 2019. However, he briefly commented on his party’s participation in the federal government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

“Right now the MDB has been preaching, as I constantly preach, the pacification of the country. We have, for example, fundamental themes and one of them is the issue of the environment, which is an issue that goes beyond the territorial limits of Brazil to reach the dimension International. I think that the presence of the MDB in the government can only help the government,” he said.

Temer himself said that he stays away from national articulations. He stated that he still hasn’t spoken with Lula after the election and doesn’t expect any calls from the president. Former vice-president of the Dilma Rousseff (PT) government, he was the centerpiece of the 2016 impeachment, which raised him to the highest position in Brazilian institutional politics, making him the 37th president of the Republic.

“I didn’t talk (with Lula). I’m a little out of politics. I don’t wait (for a call from the president). I mean, I’m entirely at your orders, but I’m not waiting for a call from anyone,” he said.

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