Master Plan absorbed 18 proposals from developers – 05/26/2023 – Panel

Master Plan absorbed 18 proposals from developers – 05/26/2023 – Panel

Interested in influencing the project to revise the Master Plan, a set of rules that guide the city’s growth, developers and builders sent a document to the City Council of São Paulo with 26 proposals for changes in articles from the original version sent by the Executive.

In the new version of the project, which the Legislature has been discussing this week and should vote until next Wednesday (31), 15 proposals from developers were included in the text, 3 were partially accepted and 8 were rejected. That is, 70% of the proposals were contemplated in some way by councilor Rodrigo Goulart (PSD), the project’s rapporteur.

The survey was carried out by the PSOL Feminist Bench, the party’s collective mandate in the House. In it, the cabinet shows that several of the suggestions made by developers and builders were copied practically literally.

The Chamber’s Urban Policy Commission received the set of suggestions from Abrainc (Brazilian Association of Real Estate Developers) on May 12, and Goulart delivered the substitute project on Tuesday (23).

The letter with the suggestions was sent by Abrainc on behalf of 35 entities in the sector, such as Abramat (Brazilian Association of the Construction Materials Industry), ABMI (Brazilian Association of the Real Estate Market) and ABCIC (Brazilian Association of Industrialized Concrete Construction).

“Popular participation is not an option, but a duty of the public power, which must listen and accept popular demands as much as possible. Mayor Ricardo Nunes, however, listened to the contractors and their entities and ignored the popular proposals”, says Silvia Ferraro, leader of the Bancada Feminista.

One of the most criticized points in the new project is the possibility of expanding areas with an incentive to build taller buildings, around transport axes —which today concentrate more than half of the city’s real estate launches.

The text opens a loophole to increase the height limit for buildings in most of the city. The proposal is to change the maximum utilization coefficient, which determines how many times the built area can exceed the size of the land without charging the onerous grant.

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