Mantega would have been invited to Braskem’s board of directors

Mantega would have been invited to Braskem’s board of directors


Rumors about former Finance Minister Guido Mantega joining Braskem’s board of directors increased this Wednesday (20). The vehicles Folha de S. Paulo It is CNN published news reporting that they confirmed the information with sources at Palácio do Planalto.

According to the investigation by these vehicles, Mantega was invited to occupy a seat on Braskem’s board of directors in the vacancies belonging to Petrobras. A People’s Gazette contacted Braskem, which stated in a note that it would not comment on the case.

Braskem had already released a statement on Monday (18) in response to the report “Government is now considering placing Mantega on Braskem’s board”, published by Folha de S. Paulo and reproduced in Economic value, on March 14th and 15th. The report stated that after “a failed attempt to place former minister Guido Mantega in the presidency or on the board of directors of Vale, the government is now considering appointing him to the administrative board of Braskem, according to collaborators of President Lula (PT)”. In the note, the petrochemical company stated that “it is not aware of such information, which is why it questioned Petrobras”, which also stated that it was not aware of the matter.

Government wants to “rehabilitate” former minister

Petrobras owns 36% of the petrochemical company’s capital and has four seats on the board, which has another six members appointed by Novonor, the former Odebrecht, and one independent member.

If it comes to fruition, Mantega’s departure crowns President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s clear intention of “rehabilitating” the former Minister of Finance, after repeated attempts. Due to the Federal Audit Court’s (TCU) impediment in holding positions in the public administration, Lula was unable to appoint Mantega, who was part of the government’s transition team, to any position or ministry.

Since last year, Lula has been trying to appoint the former minister to the presidency of Vale, a move blocked by the mining company’s board of directors and criticized as interference in a private company. The imbroglio caused wear and tear on the company due to the resignation of one of the directors, José Duarte Penido, who denounced “harmful political influence” in the succession process.

In the case of Braskem, a company with direct participation from Petrobras, Mantega’s departure does not face any obstacles. Behind-the-scenes investigations by the press show that Mantega’s appointment could reduce the negative effects of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) in Congress investigating a disaster at a petrochemical mine in Maceió.

Braskem has one of the highest salaries among large companies in which the government has a stake. In 2022, it paid a monthly average of R$90,000 per advisor, totaling R$12 million to the 11 members. Last year, the petrochemical company approved a 27% higher total remuneration, of R$15.4 million, increasing the average salary to R$117 thousand.


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