Lula’s allies criticize government after emptying the environmental agenda

Lula’s allies criticize government after emptying the environmental agenda

The dismantling of the ministries of the Environment and Indigenous Peoples by the National Congress with the approval of the Planalto Palace provoked several criticisms from allies of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). This Wednesday (24) deputies and senators approved a Provisional Media in the special commission that foresees changes in the structure of the government and that empty the two portfolios of the PT government.

The Ministry of the Environment, commanded by Marina Silva, lost the management of the National Water and Basic Sanitation Agency (ANA), which was transferred to the Ministry of Integration and Regional Development. The report also transferred the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), an instrument to control private lands and conflicts in preservation areas, to the portfolio of Management and Innovation in Public Services.

The Ministry of Indigenous Peoples, commanded by Sônia Guajajara, lost its powers over the demarcation of new indigenous lands. This function was under the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice, commanded by Flávio Dino (PSB).

The government’s orientation during the voting in the mixed commission was for base parliamentarians to vote in favor of the text even in the face of the emptying of the two folders. Planalto allies justify that the Executive was in a hurry, since the MP will expire on June 1st. The Provisional Measure still needs to be voted on in the plenary sessions of the Chamber and the Senate.

In addition, the government also did not advise against the urgency request approved by the plenary of the Chamber for the PL of the Temporal Framework. The movement generated criticism, for example, from Deputy André Janones (Avante-MG).

“It is necessary to clarify that the leader of the government, deputy José Guimarães did not vote against the PL of the time frame, therefore, technically speaking, it was not a defeat of the government!”, he pointed out.

On social media, youtuber Felipe Neto also criticized the government’s stance. “Today was a regrettable day for the Lula government. The dismemberment of the Environment, loosening of the forestry code, all with PT support and celebrating posts. There is no reasonable explanation for this scenario”, he said.

In a note, the NGO Observatório do Clima stated that “Congress passed the cattle and the government opened the gate. “What draws attention is that the Lula government even pretended to be indignant when discovering that it does not even command the organization of its own ministries.

The Minister of Institutional Relations, Alexandre Padilha, praised the MP on Tuesday; The PT in the Senate celebrated on social networks the “victory” of approval in the commission, which should be countersigned by the plenary of the Chamber this Thursday (25th), “he wrote.

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