Lula sanctions the continuation of the quota system in federal universities

Lula sanctions the continuation of the quota system in federal universities

President Lula and the Minister of Education, Camilo Santana.| Photo: Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil.

This Monday (13), President Lula (PT) participates in a ceremony alongside ministers Camilo Santana (Education), Anielle Franco (Racial Equality), Silvio Almeida (Human Rights) Sonia Guajajara (Indigenous Peoples) and Márcio Macêdo (General Secretariat of the Presidency) to sanction Bill no. 5,384/2020, which updates and makes permanent the quota system for admission to federal universities.

According to a statement from Planalto, the new law provides for “changing the mechanism for admission of quota holders to federal higher education, the reduction of family income to reserve places and the inclusion of quilombola students as beneficiaries of quotas”.

According to the text approved by Congress, the evaluation of the quota system will continue to occur every ten years.

The new law reduces the maximum per capita family income of a student applying for admission through quotas from 1.5 to one minimum wage for having fully completed secondary education in public schools.

In the newsroom, a new mechanism for filling special vacancies was also established. Instead of quota holders competing only for the vacancies stipulated for their subgroup (black, mixed race, indigenous, etc.), they will compete for general vacancies.

If they do not reach the admission score, then their score will be used to compete for the places reserved for their subgroup within the global quota of 50%.

Sanctioned in 2012, the quota law was supposed to be reviewed in 2022. However, being an election year, the review ended up being extended.

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