Lula leaves fingerprint on artillery against Marina – 05/24/2023 – Bruno Boghossian

Lula leaves fingerprint on artillery against Marina – 05/24/2023 – Bruno Boghossian

Lula left fingerprints on the artillery against Marina Silva. With authorization from the chief, Planalto gave approval to Congress to dehydrate the Ministry of the Environment. In the fight for oil exploration at the mouth of the Amazon River, the president offered survival to a project that the minister was working to bury.

The petista gives away some of Marina’s rings to preserve other areas. In the negotiation of the provisional measure that changes the structure of the government, Lula accepted that the Chamber remove the National Water Agency and the Rural Environmental Registry from the minister.

Without enough strength to face an onslaught of deputies for more influence in the government, Planalto raffled off part of the Ministry of the Environment. The capitulation was signed on Monday (22) during a dinner between the MP’s rapporteur and ministers Alexandre Padilha and Rui Costa. The latter negotiated the preservation of his own Civil House power.

The top government also trampled on Marina’s effort to block oil extraction on the north coast once and for all. Lula gave Petrobras a second chance by questioning the environmental risks and determining that the studies be redone.

On Tuesday (23), Marina left a meeting in Planalto with the sentence that Ibama’s decision against exploitation would be “fulfilled and respected”. The following morning, Petrobras followed Lula’s lead and announced that it would insist on the project.

The minister recognized the coup and denounced the friendly fire. First, she compared Petrobras’ plans to desecration. Afterwards, she said that taking assignments from her ministry would be the same as “implementing the Bolsonaro government in Lula’s government”.

In practice, Marina faces a cold war with the president. Lula promised the minister influence over several areas and drew dividends from the importance given to the environmental agenda. Now, he uses internal battles to send signals that Marina does not have absolute authority. The minister, in a nutshell, uses as a weapon the danger of the premature departure of a symbol of the government.

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