Lira spends BRL 1.3 million on jets and leads spending in the three powers

Lira spends BRL 1.3 million on jets and leads spending in the three powers

The presidents of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), and of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), have already spent R$ 1.6 million this year on Brazilian Air Force (FAB) jets. There was even an “Air Uber”. Lira is at the forefront of expenses with a total of R$1.26 million – half of the flights to or from Maceió. The trip to New York alone, in early May, cost R$340,000. With per diems and tickets for security guards and advisors on his trips, he spent over R$ 346,000.

The president of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Rosa Weber, broke the spending tradition of previous presidents, Luiz Fux and Dias Toffoli, and spent only R$ 157,000 on jets. But she maintained a practice from her predecessors: the secrecy of ministers’ flights on airliners. This measure began in January 2019, at the beginning of Toffoli’s term. In February 2023, under Weber’s management, secret flights of STF ministers in FAB jets began, to avoid the hostilities they had been facing at airports.

The presidents of the three powers eventually used the FAB’s “Aerial Uber”. On Monday, January 2, Pacheco flew from Brasília to São Paulo with only two passengers on the official aircraft. He had already flown from São Paulo to Brasília on December 30, Friday, with only two passengers on board. On January 9, another trip from São Paulo to Brasília with two passengers on the official aircraft.

Lira went to São Paulo on Thursday, January 12, and returned the next day with just two passengers on the jet. Rosa Weber did not use the “Air Uber”, but some ministers, mainly Alexandre de Moraes and Luís Roberto Barroso, have been traveling to São Paulo on weekends with only 1 passenger on board.

“Sugar Banquet” and Gala Dinner in New York

Lira flew 19 hours on a FAB jet to attend the Conference on Sugar and Ethanol, in New York. Expenses amounted to R$ 220 thousand. But he was also accompanied by a diplomatic advisor and two legislative police officers. The advisor received 8.5 days worth a total of R$ 24.3 thousand. Each police officer had 10.5 days worth R$ 30,000 – each one. The daily rate is R$ 2.8 thousand. Expenses with per diems and tickets added up to R$ 94,000.

On the 4th, Lira attended the conference and gala dinner “Sugar Banquet”. The following day, she participated in a meeting promoted by Citibank. On the 9th, she was at the Lide Brasil Investment Forum and at a meeting with executives promoted by BTG. The following day, she went to the “Person of the Yer” gala dinner, promoted by the Brazil – USA Chamber of Commerce.

But most of Lira’s travel expenses took place in Brazil. Of the total R$ 1.26 million spent on jets, R$ 1 million resulted from domestic trips. Per diems and tickets for security guards and advisors in the country cost over R$ 252,000. The president was in 12 cities. The Chamber does not disclose public servants’ expenses made with corporate cards during travel.

Half of Lira’s flights were to or from Maceió, his electoral base. On April 3, through social media, Lira reported one of her wanderings in Alagoas: “I participated in Penedo in the delivery of three backhoe loaders that will contribute to the development of the region. Two will be used in the irrigation projects of Itiúba (Porto Real do Colégio) and Boacica (Igreja Nova). You can always count on me!”

In Penedo (AL), Arthur Lira delivers excavators.  Photo: Reproduction/Facebook
In Penedo (AL), Arthur Lira delivers excavators. Photo: Reproduction/Facebook

The wanderings of Pacheco and Veneziano

Pacheco’s expenses with jets totaled R$ 390 thousand. Expenses with per diems and tickets for the senator to Beijing and London came to R$ 29,000. Per diems and tickets for advisors on these “official missions” cost an additional R$70,000. He was part of president Lula’s delegation on the trip to China, from April 12th to 16th, and traveled to London, to participate in the Lide Brazil Conference London, from the 18th to the 24th of that month.

In addition to spending much less than Lira on travel, the President of the Senate discloses the amounts paid with corporate cards by his security guards and advisors. In nine trips until April, they spent BRL 47,000 – almost all of it on transportation expenses.

During Pacheco’s removal from the country, the presidency of the Senate was temporarily assumed by the 1st vice-president, Veneziano Vital do Rego (MDB-PB). He also took over the president’s jet. On January 8, he flew from João Pessoa to Brasília, at 11 pm, with only two passengers on the official aircraft. It was the day of the invasion and depredation of the seats of Congress, Presidency of the Republic and STF.

On April 13, a Thursday, he flew from Brasília to Campina Grande (PB). On April 21, the eve of the long weekend, he flew by jet to Campina Grande, returning on Monday, always on the wings of the FAB. But there is no free ride. The interim president’s flights cost R$ 109,000.

Veneziano also made an international trip, to Washington and Baltimore (USA), from March 31 to April 7, to participate in an “official international mission” in Baltimore (Maryland). Tickets and per diem for him and an advisor cost R$43,000.

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