LaLiga president says he supports loss of points in cases of racism

LaLiga president says he supports loss of points in cases of racism

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, called the world press to a press conference this Thursday (25) to talk about the most recent cases of racism suffered by Vinícius Júnior. The leader of the entity that organizes the Spanish Championship has again asked for changes in Spanish law so that the competition has the competence to punish cases of racism and defended the loss of points as a form of sanction for clubs.

Questioned by about how LaLiga intends to act in the relationship with the government of Spain to avoid new cases of racism, Tebas said that LaLiga will issue a statement this Friday (26) asking political parties and members of Congress for an “urgent modification ” in Law 19/2007, which deals with hate crimes and discrimination”, asking for competence to act and punish infractions for racism, homophobia and xenophobia.

Currently, in the field of football, only the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is able to sanction clubs – the entity punished Valencia in 45 thousand euros and with the closure of the sector where the insults to Vini Jr. came from. in the last Sunday. The president of LaLiga also pointed out that the Attorney General’s Office closed other cases of racism in Spanish football and that it took three years from the first complaint for the Public Ministry to take action.

“We want to prove that we have the competence to solve this problem, but it is difficult to end these insults. We are responsible for the fans from the moment they leave home to watch the game until they reach the stadium. If they shout racist things, we must intervene”, stated Tebas.

Asked about the possibility of more severe punishments, the president of LaLiga said that he welcomes the introduction of the loss of points to clubs involved in cases of racism. He recalls that, currently, LaLiga can only apply the measure in the case of irregular registration of athletes.

“Would it be good to think about the loss of points (for racism)? I think so. It would be good to be able to introduce that. With the current sanctions regime, we want more competences for us. We have to think about the future. Against racism it is fundamental to fight all over day.”

Tebas also said that he “would be crazy” if he wasn’t worried about the image that Spain left to the world after yet another case of racism against Vinícius Júnior, Brazil’s main player currently playing in Europe. He claims that Spain is not racist and will work to recover the country’s reputation and supports Vini Jr. continue playing in Spanish football, despite repeated attacks.

“I understand perfectly that he is frustrated. And he doesn’t understand the skills”, said Tebas, referring to the discussion he had with Vini Jr. through social networks after Sunday’s game, when the Brazilian asked for more action from LaLiga. “He’s getting these insults because he’s a great player. If he wasn’t a star, maybe he wouldn’t be the same. But it’s not normal to attack him like it’s happening every day,” he said.

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