Labor judges launch petition in defense of women in the STF – 03/19/2023 – Panel

Labor judges launch petition in defense of women in the STF – 03/19/2023 – Panel

A commission of labor judges launched last Friday (17) a petition in defense of the nomination of two women to occupy the next vacancies of ministers that will be opened in the STF (Federal Supreme Court), preferably one black and one of the labor career.

President of the Anamatra Women Commission, created by the direction of the National Association of Labor Magistrates, judge Patrícia Sant’Anna criticizes the low female representation in the Supreme Court.

“The STF had only three women ministers in 132 years, none of them black, thus lacking parity in the country’s main court”, he says.

“Furthermore, it is very important to have in the Court, in a continuous and constant way, the representation coming from the Labor Court, in order to enrich the experience and the own vision of Social Justice and social law for the debates of the House.”

In the undersigned text, the commission criticizes the lack of gender parity in the STF and states that the experience of a black woman would help to combat racism and structural machismo in society. The judges also claim that it would be a step forward that would contribute “to repairing the historic debt with the black people as a result of the barbarism of slavery that occurred in Brazil.”

Until May, the vacancy of Minister Ricardo Lewandowski should be open, who will have to retire when he turns 75, the maximum age to remain on the Court. Five months later, in October, Minister Rosa Weber retires.

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