Labor Conciliation: TRT-11 handled more than BRL 545 thousand in agreements on the first day of the event

Labor Conciliation: TRT-11 handled more than BRL 545 thousand in agreements on the first day of the event

Labor lawsuits

Agreements reached between workers and the supermarket chain end processes one month after the start of labor lawsuits

Manaus (AM) – On the first day of the VII National Labor Conciliation Week, the TRT of the 11th Region (AM/RR) held 348 hearings, ratified 87 agreements and released R$545,000 in labor claims. The event, which started on Monday (22nd) and runs until Friday (26th), seeks to solve the largest number of cases in a consensual manner.

Throughout the week, 1,370 hearings are scheduled to take place under the TRT-11. The conciliation hearings are taking place in the 19 Labor Courts in Manaus/AM, in the 10 Labor Courts in the interior of Amazonas, in the three in Boa Vista/RR, and also in the Judiciary Centers for Consensual Methods of Dispute Resolution of the Regional – Cejusc -JT 1st and 2nd degree of Manaus/AM and Boa Vista/RR. Hearings take place both in person, telepresential, or hybrid, as determined by the court.

On the first day of the week, 1,253 people were served. In addition to the total value of agreements moved (R$ 545 thousand), R$ 138 thousand were collected from the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) and R$ 188 thousand collected from income tax (IR).


In the Cejuscs-Jt, 23 agreements were made on Monday, eight in Boa Vista and 15 in Manaus.

The two face-to-face hearings in Manaus also ended in agreements. The processes involved workers and a chain of supermarkets in Manaus. The claimants allege that they were hired to work as a cashier receptionist and that they suffered accumulation in the duties of packers, stockers and general service assistants.

They filed a labor lawsuit at TRT-11 in April 2023, asking for recognition of the indirect termination, as the company did not comply with labor standards. The parties reached an agreement in the two hearings involving the supermarket, in just one month after the beginning of the process. The workers were present, accompanied by a lawyer, in addition to the agent and the commercial establishment’s lawyer.

After the settlement, one of the claimants stated that she was satisfied with the quick solution of the process. “The sooner it’s over, the better!” she stated.

The workers’ lawyer congratulated the Labor Court for carrying out the Labor Conciliation Week and the performance of Cejusc-JT.

“We were able to anticipate the hearings that were scheduled to take place in three or four months. We already know the processes that can be reconciled, so we sent them to the Cejusc-JT for inclusion in the event. The result is good for all parties, including the Labor Courts, which see the agendas reduced by the hearings held at the Mediation and Conciliation Centers”,

said attorney Thiago Maciel.

The lawyer for the supermarket chain, Tatiana Velasco, gave a positive assessment of the agreements made: “the conciliation hearings during Labor Week facilitate contact between the parties and enable interaction between workers and employees. Our role is to make the agreement favorable to both sides, ending the process in a shorter period of time, without having to wait months for a sentence. Certainly holding these events is something very positive.”

The hearings were conducted by the conciliatory servant Luciana Vaz do Vale and the agreements approved by the labor judge Selma Thury Hauache, coordinator of the Cejus-JT Manaus of 1st instance.

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