Justice opens investigation into racism and summons Vini Jr. to testify

Justice opens investigation into racism and summons Vini Jr.  to testify

The Justice of Valencia, in Spain, opened this Friday (26) an investigation to investigate the practice of hate crime against the striker Vinícius Júnior, victim of racism at the Mestalla Stadium, during the duel between Valencia and Real Madrid, last Sunday (21). The Brazilian and three fans identified as authors of the racist insults were summoned to give testimony. The player will testify by video call, still without a defined date.

In addition, a request was made for the Valencian club to indicate security guards who worked in the match and can testify. The Justice also requested the audiovisual material produced on the day of the duel from the 72nd minute, when the match is stopped after Vinir Jr. point out one of those responsible for the racist attack in the stands.

The Brazilian was called “monkey”, in chorus, by Valencia fans. After the match, he positioned himself combatively on social media and charged LaLiga, the association responsible for organizing the Spanish Championship, for its ineffectiveness in curbing racist manifestations.

The entity’s president, Javier Tebas, even hit the player, saying he was misinformed, but changed his speech after the negative repercussions and announced that he will ask for a change in Spanish law, with the aim of giving LaLiga more autonomy to punish discrimination in the country’s stadiums.

The three fans identified were arrested last Tuesday (23), but ended up released and are responding freely. Valencia, in turn, was punished with the closure of one of the sectors of its stadium for five games and considered the sanction “unfair and disproportionate”.

After an appeal accepted by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), however, the penalty was reduced to three matches. There is also a fine, which was initially €45,000 and dropped to €27,000.

Also on Tuesday, four people were arrested accused of having placed a doll representing Vini Jr. hanged from a Madrid bridge in January before the derby between Atlético and Real The quartet was also released and is being investigated for hate crime.

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