Justice of Rio decrees arrest of four leaders of organized supporters – News of Brazil

Justice of Rio decrees arrest of four leaders of organized supporters – News of Brazil

Mário Filho Stadium, the Maracanã (Tomaz Silva/Agência Brasil)

Four presidents of organized supporters of Rio de Janeiro clubs had temporary arrest (30 days) decreed on the night of this Monday (13) by the Court of Justice of Rio Janeiro (TJ-RJ). Anderson Azevedo Dias (Young Flu), Fabiano de Souza Marques (Força Jovem do Vasco), Bruno da Silva Paulino (Torcida Jovem do Flamengo) and Anderson Clemente da Silva (Raça Rubro-Negra) will answer for the crimes of criminal organization, bodily injury serious and attempted murder. In addition to the arrests, the TJ-RJ determined for the next five years the removal of those organized from sporting events.

Judge Ana Beatriz Medes Estrela, from the Judiciary Branch, ordered the arrest of the four leaders of the organized organizations, highlighting in the decision that the measure is “essential for criminal investigations and for the guarantee of public order”.

“All the necessary requirements are present to support the precautionary custody of the accused, as is extracted from the elements collected so far. The seriousness of the crimes committed, the legal rights violated and the devaluation of the conduct allegedly perpetrated by the Defendants lead to the adoption of energetic measures by the Judiciary, and it should be emphasized that the freedom of those represented can hinder the collection of evidence and, even, place the life or physical integrity of the witnesses is at risk”, quoted Judge Ana Beatriz Estrella in this Monday’s decision (13).

Judge Bruno Vaccari Manfentatti, from the Special Court for Toocedor and Great Events, not only vetoed the presence of organized women in sporting events for the next five years, but also determined that 16 members be removed from the stadiums on game days and monitored through of electronic anklets. The measure was established in an investigation that investigates criminal acts that took place on the 5th (Sunday), when a Cruzmaltino fan died as a result of a fight between Vasco da Gama and Flamengo fans, shortly before the start of the derby in Maracanã, for the Carioca Championship.

“The reported acts of violence, especially those on 05/03/2023, bring data that reveal the commission of the investigated crimes, as well as the involvement of organized supporters. And at this point lies the concrete element that underlies the appropriateness of the search and seizure measure. It should be noted the videos of barbarism and unbridled violence, authenticated by the PM as actions of organized supporters, which were broadcast on social networks and in the media”, says an excerpt from the decision of magistrate Manfrenatti.

In addition to the use of electronic anklets, the 16 members of organized organizations will not be able to leave the state of Rio without judicial authorization and will have to attend the Court every two months. They are: Walla Pereira da Silva; Michael Santos da Silva; Abraao Renne Pereira; Claudio Domingos de Souza Junior; Gustavo de Miranda Dourado; Paulo Eduardo de Almeida Galvão; Maycon Tadeu Carvalho da Silva France; Daniel Oliveira de Alvarenga; Jonnathan Willian Teixeira da Silva; Jonathan da Conceição Oliveira; Vanilson Vieira Santos; Willis Lopes Filho; Thaison Souza de Abreu; Matheus Felipe Lopes de Aguiar; Max Alberto dos Santos Silver; and Guilherme Henrique Santana Rabello.

The magistrate of the Fans’ Special Court also authorized search and seizure actions and the unavailability of fans’ assets. According to the decision, the steps are necessary for the continuation of investigations into crimes committed by members of organized supporters.

Source: Brazil Agency

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