Justice authorizes PM official to plant medicinal Cannabis – 03/15/2023 – Cannabis Inc.

Justice authorizes PM official to plant medicinal Cannabis – 03/15/2023 – Cannabis Inc.

Obtaining a judicial authorization for the planting of cannabis for medicinal purposes is increasingly common in Brazil. It is estimated around 2 thousand HCs (habeas corpus) issued by Justice. In early March, one of them called attention to the fact that the request was from a reserve officer of the PM (Military Police), an institution that sees the plant more as a matter of public safety than of health.

Science advances in proving the efficiency of olive oil cannabis in improving the living conditions of patients with diseases such as epilepsy, autism, depression and chronic pain. According to Kaya Mind, a company that measures the market, 187,500 Brazilians use therapeutic products derived from the plant. The medicinal market moved US$ 16.7 billion worldwide in 2022.

“Even so, prejudice is still a constant among most Brazilians”, says lawyer Gabriel Pietricosvsky. His client, the PM officer, asked not to be identified in the report and justified: “The taboo will decrease, but it’s still high.” According to him, all professionals who helped him in this achievement – ​​even the doctor – suffer reprisals.

The official reports how CBD oil (Cannabidiol, a substance derived from cannabis) brought benefits to his life. “I had panic and depression syndrome. The doctors said I would have to take antidepressants for life”, says the PM, 54, who lives in the DF (Federal District). “I managed to wean off the medicine with the help of the oil, which also controlled my anxiety and insomnia.”

He spent around BRL 1,500 a month to buy CBD from patient associations. Legal tool that generally takes a few days to be issued, the specific HC for the cultivation of cannabis it can take as long as a civil action.

The PM officer waited two years until he received the court’s approval. Now he will be able to grow 60 seedlings a year. “This calculation is based on an agronomic report, which calculates the number of plants needed to produce the volume of oil prescribed by the doctor”, explains Pietricosvsky. It is a limited and supervised cultivation.

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