June 11th is the last day to nominate

June 11th is the last day to nominate

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There is still time to indicate your favorite places in Curitiba. Access the Bom Gourmet Prize website and participate in the game.| Photo: drazen_zigic/Freepik

There’s still time! This Sunday (11) ends the nomination phase for the Popular Flavor stage of the Bom Gourmet Award 2023, the greatest in history. In all, there are 27 categories at this stage of the game. You can nominate in all categories and as many times as you want. Just fill out a quick registration, choose the category and include the name of your favorite place. Click and make your nomination now.

On the Bom Gourmet Prize website you also get to know what the next stages of the game will be. The five most nominated establishments in each category are classified for the final stage, by popular vote. This second stage takes place from June 27th to July 11th. Stay tuned, participate and call your friends to take to the top of the podium that place in the city where you love to meet friends!

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Owners of gastronomic establishments can nominate their own businesses and promote campaigns on social networks to encourage the nomination. Just send the referral link to friends and customers and encourage them to participate. To understand how it works, access the champion’s manual at this link.

Bom Gourmet Award 2023

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Good Gourmet Award took a break from the dispute, in the 2021 and 2022 editions, years in which it recognized the news and highlight in the city, but without promoting the dispute.

In 2023, the award resumes its vocation of selecting the best establishments in Curitiba based on a healthy and exciting competition. With full force, and in a game atmosphere, the award counts on your participation to choose the champions of a gastronomic circuit recognized as one of the most creative and innovative in the country.

So, don’t forget: you have until the end of this Sunday, the 11th, to make your nominations. Visit the Bom Gourmet Award 2023 website and name your favorites, because there’s still a lot of game ahead.

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Discover the 27 categories of Sabor Popular:

  • Hot dog
  • Coffee shop
  • french bread
  • bakery
  • Sandwich
  • Japanese (which sells Japanese food)
  • buffet per kilo
  • Pizzeria
  • Rural Restaurant
  • Pub
  • Vegetarian restaurant
  • pasta restaurant
  • Executive lunch
  • Arabic Cuisine Restaurant
  • Brazilian Regional Cuisine Restaurant
  • Bread with Cupcake
  • Ounce Meat
  • Martha Rocha
  • Drumstick
  • Crackling
  • Rib
  • Dream/Donuts
  • Ice cream
  • Fried pastry
  • Gourmet Market
  • Feijoada
  • Pet Friendly Restaurant

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