Judge who supported Bolsonaro voted in favor of punished judge – 05/26/2023 – Frederico Vasconcelos

Judge who supported Bolsonaro voted in favor of punished judge – 05/26/2023 – Frederico Vasconcelos

In the first administrative proceeding brought by the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais against Judge Ludmila Lins Grilo, the magistrate received only one vote in her favour. It was given by Judge Gilson Soares Lemes, former president of TJ-MG.

Lemes and Ludmila openly supported Jair Bolsonaro’s candidacy for re-election. The judge criticized superior court decisions, participated in party-political acts and publicly encouraged disobedience to anti-Covid measures.

Lemes’ vote was mentioned in the judgment that approved the compulsory retirement of the magistrate, on the last 24th.

“It seems to me that the Special Body does not accept critical positions, only allowing magistrates to express bootlicking and drooling opinions in everything that refers to the Judiciary. Perhaps this is already a reflection of what is happening in the superior courts . After all, the example comes from above”.


“Externalization of certain ideas IS NOT ALLOWED. Criticism (generic!) is not allowed, only flattery and kissing are allowed.

The only dissenting vote, for acquittal, was by Judge Gilson Soares Lemes. [Ela transcreve trechos do voto]:

“The comment (…) does not refer to a specific process or a specific judicial pronouncement, thus revealing itself to be the transmission of a generic manifestation devoid of derogatory content about the performance of a certain magistrate. (…)

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right also guaranteed to magistrates (…) the restriction of the magistrate’s right to express his ideas on social networks must be seen with caution, so as not to be confused with censorship.”

definitive incompatibility

In the judgment of the TJ-MG, the rapporteur, judge Valdez Leite Machado, was defeated. He had proposed the application of censorship. The judge had already received two warning sentences. The dissenting vote of Judge Corrêa Júnior prevailed, who imposed compulsory retirement with earnings proportional to the time of contribution.

Corrêa Júnior stated that “the repeated conducts practiced by the learned magistrate show the definitive incompatibility with the performance of the judging function, as they reveal a set of procedures that are not consistent with the dignity, honor and decorum of their functions”.

When the national magistrate Luis Felipe Salomão voted for the dismissal of the magistrate, last February, he said that the judge “was intensely active on social networks, making harsh criticisms of superior court ministers, in addition to commenting on the decisions of these collegiate bodies and processes in progress”.

One day after the CNJ opened a disciplinary complaint against Ludmila, she used her social networks to publish an image of Salomão and comment that in 2008 he was nominated to the STJ by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, of the PT, who was serving his second term. .

Magistrate campaigned

In February, Salomão voted to open administrative disciplinary proceedings against Gilson Lemes, without removal from office. Request for a view postponed the trial.

The magistrate saw a disciplinary infraction in the installation of the representative office of the TJ de Minas in Brasília. Among the indications, he cited the high values; the installation in the middle of the pandemic, when remote action was possible, and the prospect of higher expenses.

The office was used by Lemes for political contacts and personal lobbying for Bolsonaro’s re-election. He aspired to be appointed to the STF or STJ.

Lemes went to the event at the Federation of Industries where Governor Romeu Zema formalized his support for Bolsonaro’s re-election. Lemes’ wife, Aliny Kássia e Silva, campaigned with Michelle Bolsonaro and Damares Alves.

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