Judge Eduardo Appio removed and the war for Lava Jato

Judge Eduardo Appio removed and the war for Lava Jato

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– Podcast 15 Minutes analyzes the meaning of the removal of the judge Eduardo Appio da Vara responsible for Lava Jato processes in Curitiba

*) The removal of Judge Eduardo Appio from the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, responsible for the processes arising from Operation Lava Jato, is the subject of this episode of the 15 Minutes podcast.

The objective data: Appio was removed after being accused of an attempt at intimidation in an alleged call, made anonymously, to the son of judge Marcelo Malucelli, from TRF4. The Court, incidentally, was responsible for determining Appio’s removal.

It turns out that this departure of the magistrate has a series of other meanings.

It represents, for example, yet another chapter in the war of conflicting decisions, fought in recent months, with the Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region, based in Porto Alegre and which reviews Appio’s acts in the second instance.

Change in command of Lava Jato

At the same time, the exchange takes Judge Gabriela Hardt back to the 13th Court, seen as much more aligned with the former judge and former head of Lava Jato, now Senator Sergio Moro (União-PR).

The guest to analyze the meanings of this war for the command of the processes that derive from Lava Jato in Curitiba is the Renan Ramalho, from the República da Gazeta do Povo team in Brasília.

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