Juca Kfouri: The national team’s existential crisis – 01/04/2023 – Juca Kfouri

Juca Kfouri: The national team’s existential crisis – 01/04/2023 – Juca Kfouri

Suggestions abound, pardon the bad word.

From no longer wearing the yellow shirt to only calling up players who play in the country.

Counterarguments also abound, and as those who still learned Latin at school know, quod abundat non nocet, what abounds does no harm.

Giving up the Brazilian shirt would be admitting defeat to those who used it to spread hatred.

Giving up players active outside Brazil would be giving up the most talented feet born in a splendid cradle.

What to do?, would ask Mr. Vladimir Ilyich Ulianov, better known as Lenin.

Wearing blue is an old proposal of journalist João Carlos Assumpção, a reporter who brightened the pages of Folha and the extinct newspaper Lance!, also worked at SporTV and covered six World Cups, in addition to being the co-author of two beautiful books on the Brazilian national team.

Carlos Maranhão, former director of the magazines Placar and Veja São Paulo, Ten World Cups, author of the obligatory biographies of writer Marcos Rey and editor Roberto Civita, is the newest defender of the equally old idea of ​​summoning only those who work here , a means, he argues, of resuming the fan’s ties with the CBF team.

“It’s nonsense to worry about a new coach. Not even Guardiola will make a big difference if the squad is the usual ones. The next Qualifiers will only be to fulfill the schedule, and there is no risk for the selection. It’s better to form a team with only those who play in our clubs , revive discussions about the reasons for calling up the Palmeiras striker and leaving out the Corinthians striker, putting youngsters like Vitor Roque, from Athletico Paranaense, to play [nota do colunista: o time dele, mas não é por isso]. When the 2026 World Cup arrives, if there is a Brazilian really making a difference in Europe, put it on the list”, argues the experienced journalist, owner of one of the most refined texts in our press.

“Fernando Diniz would be capable of that”, he argues, although he emphasizes that being the coach is less important at the moment than the courage to review concepts, change the posture that five Cups gives with the donkeys in the water.

That the Qualifiers for the ’26 tournament in the US, Mexico and Canada will be for the record is obvious, as out of ten teams at least six will have a berth in the 48-team behemoth.

If it’s reason enough to dispute them exclusively for those who live in Patropi, it’s a topic to debate and provoke the CBF.

The rare reader and the rare reader will want to know what the poor columnist thinks about such burning issues.

He likes the blue shirt better than the other one, he had a fit when he even saw school lunches stolen, hysterical with the yellow shirt, screaming against corruption, but he doesn’t give thieves the right to steal our colors.

And I would like to see the experience of playing for a team that would have to be accountable where it lives, without having the subterfuge of not even returning here or taking a plane, a private jet as a rule, and going overseas after messing up lawns which he has not known for years.

Maranhão, Carlos, recalls that among all three world champions, those of 1958, 1962 and 1970, there was no player who played abroad.

Times have changed, he knows, but who knows?

In time: speaking of Maranhão, what a show Flávio Dino put on at the Justice Commission! Humor is the best weapon.

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