January 8th CPMI defines members with narrative confrontation

January 8th CPMI defines members with narrative confrontation

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Commission that investigates the acts of January 8, in Brasilia, opened the work by electing government supporters to the command.| Photo: Playback/TV Camera

Preceded by many and tense negotiations that began the day before, the Joint Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPMI) of January 8 (official name), opened its work this Thursday morning (25) to elect its command.

Members present confirmed the name of deputy Arthur Maia (União Brasil-BA), ally of the mayor, Arthur Lira (PP-AL). The rapporteur went to Senator Eliziane Gama (PSD-MA), in a last minute effort by the government to occupy the main posts of the collegiate of 32 parliamentarians.

With a large movement of advisors and security guards, in addition to access restrictions, the CPMI began by making clear the confrontation of two narratives. Congressmen linked to the government insist on the tone of orchestrating a coup d’état, while the opposition defended the distinction between protesters and criminals, in addition to pointing out crimes of omission by the current government in the episode.

Opposition deputies Marcon (Podemos-RS) and Van Hattem (Novo-RS) and Senator Marcos do Val (Podemos-ES) were the first to arrive.

Deputy Rogério Corrêa (PT-MG) made it clear, before the beginning of the session, that the objective of the government members in the collegiate is to prove, with breach of secrecy and other procedures, the responsibility of former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) as the intellectual author of the acts , leading to his ineligibility and imprisonment.

Marcos do Val tried to make a point of order as leader

As a matter of enforcing the collegiate’s search for truth criteria, senator Marcos do Val (PSD-MA), questioned the president of the session, senator Otto Alencar (PSD-BA), about the rapporteur’s impartiality, considering the friendship it is her political relations with the Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, who should be one of those investigated.

Speaking as PSD leader Omar Aziz (AM), came to her defense, suggesting suspicion of other members.

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