In almost 5 months, Saúde appointed 14 superintendents – 05/24/2023 – Health

In almost 5 months, Saúde appointed 14 superintendents – 05/24/2023 – Health

About five months after the beginning of the Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) government, the Ministry of Health still has 13 (out of a total of 27) positions of state superintendents vacant.

The positions are coveted by groups that make up the base of the government in the National Congress. Members of the portfolio say that Planalto has been negotiating appointments with politicians. They hope that by mid-year the posts will be filled.

Ministry members who follow the discussions say that, of the 14 superintendents already chosen, most are from the quota of parties and authorities closest to the PT administration.

The folder’s command recognizes, in reserved conversations, that the remaining positions are available to the Planalto for negotiations in exchange for political support.

In a note, the Ministry of Health said that appointments were accelerated in the last week and should be completed as soon as possible.

Psychologist Cláudia Maria Afonso de Castro assumed the representation of the ministry in São Paulo. She worked as a parliamentary advisor in the cabinet of the Chamber of Deputies of Minister Alexandre Padilha (Secretary of Institutional Relations, SRI).

Padilha has also negotiated with Congress the choice of new superintendents, according to members of Health. When contacted, SRI reported that it is up to the Ministry of Health to respond to appointments in the states.

The government appointed Maria Celeste da Silva, a former parliamentary advisor in the Chamber of Minister Paulo Pimenta (Secretary of Social Communication), to head the superintendence of Rio Grande do Sul.

Luiz Carlos Reblin assumed the superintendence in Espírito Santo. He was undersecretary of Health Surveillance when physician Nésio Fernandes, current secretary of Primary Health Care at the Ministry of Health, was in charge of the health portfolio in the state.

For Tocantins, nurse Relmivam Rodrigues Milhomem was chosen, who had already held the same post from 2018 to 2021.

In the states of Amazonas, Roraima and Rio de Janeiro there are substitute superintendents since the Jair Bolsonaro (PL) government.

The dentist and doctor in public health Sylvio da Costa Júnior was chosen superintendent in Santa Catarina. He presides over the union of the category in the state.

In Maranhão, the group close to PCdoB and Minister Flávio Dino (Justice and Public Security) placed economist Glinoel Garreto in the position of superintendent.

The disputes for positions of the federal government in the states have delayed nominations.

As shown to SheetCodevasf (Companhia de Desenvolvimento dos Vales do São Francisco e do Parnaíba) should create new superintendencies in Pernambuco and Minas Gerais to accommodate allies of different political groups and avoid clashes with Congress.

Health positions are among the most coveted on the Esplanade. The folder has one of the largest budgets in the federal government. In addition, it is the main destination of funds from parliamentary amendments.

In the case of individual amendments, half of the available budget is obligatorily destined for Health.

The superintendent acts as a representative of the Ministry of Health in the states. In general, he receives politicians and local authorities and can take demands to the portfolio in Brasília.

Within the health structure in the states, there are also positions that deal with areas such as logistics, people management, dialogue with managers of the SUS (Unified Health System) and transfer of resources.

In addition to the amendments, there are still discussions between the Ministry of Health and states about “fund-to-fund” transfers of resources, for example, to reinforce the actions of local hospitals. In some cases, these negotiations also involve superintendents.

President Lula decided not to include the command of the Ministry of Health in negotiations for political support with Congress. In December, he announced the position of sociologist Nísia Trindade, former president of Fiocruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation).

The minister took office at a time when the SUS is facing a historic dismantling, with a loss of resources, a drop in vaccination coverage and a lack of coordination with states and municipalities.

The folder’s command was shielded precisely to avoid the repetition of errors in the management of the SUS, after criticism of the Bolsonaro management’s performance in the pandemic. Lower-ranking positions, also in the states, however, were placed by the government at the disposal of the parties.

State health superintendencies

no appointment

  • Acre
  • Alagoas
  • Amapá
  • amazon
  • bahia
  • Federal District
  • Mato Grosso
  • Paraíba
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • large northern river
  • Rondônia
  • roraima
  • sergipe

with appointment

  • Ceará: Kelly Gonçalves Meira Arruda
  • Espírito Santo: Luiz Carlos Reblin
  • Goiás: Lucas Betti De Vasconcelos
  • Maranhão: Glinoel Oliveira Garreto
  • Mato Grosso do Sul: Ronaldo De Souza Costa
  • Minas Gerais: Maflavia Aparecida Luiz Ferreira
  • Pará: Delcimar De Sousa Viana
  • Paraná: Luiz Armando Erthal
  • Pernambuco: Rosano Freire Carvalho
  • Piauí: Antônia Maria De Sousa Leal
  • Rio Grande do Sul: Maria Celeste De Souza Da Silva
  • Santa Catarina: Sylvio Da Costa Junior
  • Sao Paulo: Claudia Maria Afonso De Castro
  • Tocantins: Relmivam Rodrigues Milhomem

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