“I’m here with a lot of desire and affection for the club”, says Luis Carlos Prima about being at the head of Independente Sport Clube – News of Brazil

“I’m here with a lot of desire and affection for the club”, says Luis Carlos Prima about being at the head of Independente Sport Clube – News of Brazil

Lana Caroline
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Football is a highly visible sport worldwide and the favorite of Brazilians. Some stand out on the field and others behind the scenes, as is the case of Luis Carlos Prima, current coach of Independente Sport Clube. The carioca was a player for six years for Olaria (RJ), but stood out as a physical trainer.

“I was a soccer player in Rio de Janeiro, then I went back to school and graduated in physical education. After that, the club I played for, Olaria, called me to be a physical trainer for the youth team and I went with great pleasure, because that’s what I like to do. There I transferred to Fluminense, to work in the youth team, where I won the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Junior. Then I went to Portuguesa and stayed there for four years and was invited to go to Bragantino, where I stayed for six years”, said.

Working as a physical trainer, ‘Prima’, as he is affectionately called by the athletes, won several titles and one of them was remarkable: The fourth championship of the Brazilian National Team, in 1994. compose the Brazilian team.

“When we were champions [pelo Bragantino] in the Brazilian second division, in 1989, and São Paulo champion in 1990, the president of the club, Nabi Abi Chedid, brought Parreira to work with me and the other week he was invited to be the coach of the Brazilian national team and invited me to be part of it from the technical commission, in 1992, and I stayed until 1998. I was transferred when there were official and friendly matches, and I returned to Bragantino. It was a great experience. I always say that the important thing is that the athletes understand that you are their friend, that you are there to help them organize themselves physically and be a winning group”, he said.

On July 17, 1994, the Brazilian team became four-time champions of the Football World Cup in an exciting match against Italy, decided on penalties after a 0-0 draw in normal time and extra time. Carcará’s coach explains that the title’s players were chosen in 1992 and 1993. Furthermore, friendship and good relationships with each other were the key to success.

“We had a friendship that wasn’t just woo-woo, but it was about sitting down to talk. That was a positive point for the conquest to happen in 1994. That year (1994), there was a selection that many would play for the last time and they embraced the idea of ​​​​the coaching staff so that everything worked and nothing got in the way. That was the great achievement of that group, where they wanted to be champions and wanted to leave a legacy”.

The last club that Luis Carlos Prima worked for was Taguatinga (DF), but he has already played for Bragantino and Fluminense. At the head of Carcará da Vila Maia, since March of this year, Prima claims that his arrival at the club was unexpected, but that he is happy to be contributing to the team from Santa Catarina.

“I got a call from a friend who knows Rodrigo Tork, president of Independente, and he liked the idea. This friend told the president that I was without a club in Rio and Rodrigo spoke to me and I realized that he was saying serious and concrete things to me. I believed and I’m here with a lot of desire and affection for the club”, he spoke.

With the work carried out by the coach, Independente is in first place in the Amapaense Football Championship and has 100% success in the competition and Prima explains that even after years, the love for what he does is great and demonstrates this in the form of teaching .

“I’m turning 70 and for me it feels like I’m at the beginning. I want to pass on this energy that in life nothing is easy and doesn’t come with kissed hands. My cause is great and what I’m experiencing is the same thing I experienced in my past, within a national team, Fluminense, Bragantino, and even in Japan, where I also worked. I just have to thank President Rodrigo and I hope that we can go until the end and make Independente be at a height where it should be, so that next year we can achieve other objectives and achieve everything that Independente intends to do”, explained through tears.

So that Independente can continue with their invincibility, the coach has already outlined strategies for the goal to be completed. “I have the whole group in hand, I don’t have anyone injured, I have everyone in good playing condition and I can choose the team I think is best for the game. There are three more games and I want to reach the next phase with everyone. That’s my goal.” ends.

The next match for Carcará da Vila Maia will be this Friday (09) against the countryman team, Santana. The match will be at 8 pm, at Estádio Zerão and valid for the fifth round of the competition.

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