Fidélio, new cocktail from Ile de France.| Photo: Disclosure

This Wednesday (20), José Augusto Swaiger, new bartender at Ile de France, will teach an exclusive class-show, at 7 pm. Will be a avant premier with three cocktails to reveal the new identity of the restaurant’s bar. Spaces are limited, and reservations can be made by calling (41) 3223-9962. Cocktail classes become a regular schedule for the house, held every two weeks.

In the first class-show, participants will learn how to prepare and taste the wine and floral Fidelio, with Belvedere vodka; the citrusy and fruity Cognac et Pêches, prepared with Cognac Hennessy VS; and Armaf Aventus, which carries Glenmorangie whiskey.

“At the beginning of October, we will launch the complete menu with 12 new drinks, some designed especially to accompany lunch. They arrive with the aim of providing more alternatives for customers, bringing the freshness of spring. This Wednesday, customers will already will have the opportunity to taste three of these new products, first hand”, explains Márcia Oliveira, partner and manager of the restaurant.

Class show, with José Augusto Swaiger, on the Ile de France

Date: September 20th, 7pm

Location: Avenida do Batel, 1550 – Batel

Reservations: (41) 3223-9962

Instagram: @iledefranceoficial