“I hope they do more”, says Damares about the Marajó program

“I hope they do more”, says Damares about the Marajó program

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Former Minister and Senator Damares Alves (Republicanos-DF)| Photo: Fabio Rodrigues-Pozzebom/ Agência Brasil

Former Minister of Human Rights, Senator Damares Alves, countered the changes and criticisms made by the current government about the Embrace Marajó program, carried out in the Bolsonaro government. At the launch of the Lula government’s Marajó Citizenship Program, the Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship (MDHC) said that previous initiatives led by Damares would not have achieved results. In response, the former minister regretted that the current government is wanting to “dispute” with such a serious agenda.

“They changed the name of the program, just to start an unnecessary political fight. I hope they do more than we do, they can criticize, but do more, save children. This agenda cannot be an agenda for political dispute”, stated.

According to the senator, the Marajó program was not only aimed at combating sexual violence, but at “territorial development”. “I hope they develop the territory. There are no human rights without basic sanitation, without schools, without child protection and without a police station. It is necessary to guarantee that people in that region have work and income, so that they do not sell their children into prostitution”, says Damares.

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