Higher prices support balance in the first two months – 03/14/2023 – Vaivém

Higher prices support balance in the first two months – 03/14/2023 – Vaivém

Agribusiness accumulates US$ 21 billion in exports in the first two months of this year, up 4.4% compared to the same period in 2022.

This increase is supported by higher average prices compared to the same period last year, since important products such as soy are experiencing a drop in export volume.

Two essential products for the trade balance, however, cannot repeat the prices of the first two months of last year: beef and coffee.

Protein exports, which fell to 327 thousand tons from January to February, yielded 13% less. Data from the Ministry of Agriculture, based on Secex (Secretary of Foreign Trade), show an average price of US$ 4,692 per ton, 12% less than in 2022.

Green coffee, after the acceleration of foreign market prices last year, caused by frost and drought in Brazil, yielded US$ 1.1 billion in the two-month period, 29% less. In addition to a 24% lower volume in exports, prices fell by 5.4%.

The balance of the first two months of this year was sustained by increases in soybeans and pork and chicken meat, all with a 12% increase in prices in the period.

Another support for the balance continues to be corn, which accumulates an increase of 141% in volume and 183% in revenues. The difficulty of other major exporters in placing the cereal on the international market allowed Brazil to sell 8.4 million tons this year, with revenues of US$ 2.45 billion.

Sugar, fruits, orange juice, tobacco and cellulose complete the list of products that are, this year, with higher prices than at the beginning of 2022.

The high, however, burdens imports. Average wheat and rice prices are 28% higher than a year ago. Dairy products, whose imports increased by 149%, to 39 thousand tons, had an increase of 12%.

carbon coffee neutral Recyclable packaging, reforestation in the Atlantic Forest and coffee purchases from farms with regenerative agriculture practices lead to the reduction and neutralization of carbon emissions in the coffee production chain. This is what led Nescafé to obtain a Carbon Neutral seal for its Nescafé Origens do Brasil product line.

Unprecedented This is an unprecedented milestone among the country’s major coffee brands, and the result is directly linked to four pillars of action in the area of ​​sustainability, according to the company.

regenerative Among the pillars of sustainability are the implementation of regenerative agricultural practices to improve the soil and protect water resources and biodiversity, in addition to planting trees in partnership with Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica.

From farm to consumer Obtaining the Carbon Neutral seal is also linked to the reduction of the carbon footprint throughout the supply chain, which goes from coffee farms to packaging, reaching the final consumer.

carbon credits Compensation for the remaining emissions of greenhouse gases is also part of obtaining the seal, through verified and high-quality carbon credits, says the company.

Innovation Technology is getting closer and closer to the production process in the field, and the producer will adapt more to this new reality. The ABPO (Pantanal Association of Organic and Sustainable Livestock) is betting on four trends for this year.

Traceability It is a tool that guarantees the quality control of production systems in livestock farming, through the documentation of the various stages. Data capture and transmission streamline and make reliable information on the origin and quality of products in real time.

Bioinputs A new option for the producer, biological inputs —processes or technology of plant, animal or microbial origin— are aimed at controlling pests and diseases or at improving fertility in the production process.

terroir Usually related to the production of wine, coffee and cheese, the conditions of the physical environment and geographic properties are also being explored by producers and increasingly advancing in livestock. In addition to indicating quality and value to products, the terroir brings benefits to the Pantanal biome.

Sustainability Environmental conservation and biodiversity protection are also aligned with productivity and profit, in ABPO’s evaluation.

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