The Governor of São Paulo, Tarcísio de Freitas, and the Secretary of Education, Renado Feder| Photo: Flavio Florido/Disclosure EducaçãoSP

The governor of São Paulo, Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans), published in the Official Gazette, this Saturday (18), the salary readjustment of teachers hired from the state public network. According to the national baseline for basic education teachers established by the Ministry of Education in January, the amount will be R$ 4,420.55 for full-time teachers, or 40 hours a week. The increase was 14.95% compared to the 2022 baseline, which represents an average of BRL 700.

About 109,500 teachers from the state network of the old career plan will receive the new value retroactively to January. The other teachers who opted for the new career, which was approved last year by the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo (Alesp), have an initial salary of R$ 5 thousand.

In a recent interview with Gazeta do Povo, the Secretary of Education for the State of São Paulo, Renato Feder, stated that “teachers are gradually adhering to the new career” and the criteria for salary readjustments for teachers are still being defined. “In the old career there is progression almost automatically by time, with rules that eliminate the correction if the teacher is absent a lot. We are talking to the network to see what the criteria will be and then we will publish a decree, without having to go through the Assembly, with the conditions for teachers’ progression”, he said.