President Lula met with ministers Alexandre Padilha (Institutional Relations) and Rui Costa (Civil House)| Photo: Fabio Rodrigues-Pozzebom/ Agência Brasil

The Minister of the Civil House, Rui Costa, said this Friday (26) that the government will work in the coming days to try to reverse the changes promoted by the National Congress in the Provisional Measure that deals with the restructuring of the Esplanada dos Ministérios. The report approved by the mixed commission emptied, mainly, the ministries of Marina Silva (Environment) and Sônia Guajajara (Indigenous Peoples).

“The original concept of the points that were moved and that, in our opinion, is out of line with the policies that need to be implemented, that we can resume. Therefore, the original concept of those points that were modified, and the vote took place only within the scope of the committee, and we will continue to work so that these points [sejam revertidos]”, he declared.

On the same occasion, the Minister of Institutional Relations, Alexandre Padilha, said that, even with the changes, the government will be able to put its political plan into practice. “Even with these changes, they do not prevent the implementation of President Lula’s government program and his action, which places environmental sustainability at the center of the economic development agenda”, said Padilha.

The statements took place at the Planalto Palace after a closed-door meeting between President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and several ministers. The Provisional Measure still needs to be voted on in the plenary sessions of the House and Senate. The forecast is that this will happen until next Tuesday (30).

Such as People’s Gazette showed, the voting in the mixed congressional commission took place with the approval of the government base. The justification of Lula’s allies is that the Executive was in a hurry with the procedure, since the MP will expire on June 1st.