get 15 days of free composting

get 15 days of free composting

Point the camera at a QR code, fill out a registration form and that’s it, the consumer who appreciates the Bom Gourmet Festival in Curitiba will be able to participate in a more sustainable city. As? Learning and using the Composta+ service that sends organic waste to compost, preventing it from being sent to landfills.

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The startup, which has been operating in the segment in Curitiba and the Metropolitan Region since 2018, is the main partner of the 17th Edition of the Bom Gourmet Festival, which runs until March 26, and is offering a service tasting period for all consumers who pass by one of the 79 restaurants participating in the Bom Gourmet Festival. On all the tables in the houses, there is a trihedron with the QR code of the action. Just scan and follow the registration steps.

Signs on the tables at Festival Bom Gourmet offer the benefit to Festival customers.
Signs on the tables at Festival Bom Gourmet offer the benefit to Festival customers. | Disclosure.

It is an awareness-raising action on the importance of correct management of organic waste, encouraging the population to adopt more sustainable practices in their food routine.

“Festival customers will have a free residential trial for 15 days, with two free collections”, comments Théo Branco, founding partner of the company.

Consumers will receive a kit at home with a special bucket with a reinforced closure, a compostable bag made from corn starch and a folder with guidance on the correct destination of organic products. During the 15 days of the tasting, two collections will be made and, if the customer wishes to continue with the subscription, he will receive instructions from the Composta+ team.

There are subscription models with biweekly or weekly residential collection; with one, two or three buckets. Subscribers to the service receive 1 vegetable or seasoning seedling every month and 1 kg of organic fertilizer as a benefit. Subscriptions start at R$59.90.

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Since the beginning of the event, on March 3, the restaurants participating in the 17th Bom Gourmet Festival have been encouraged to adopt sustainable practices in their kitchens, such as reducing food waste and properly separating organic waste. Composta+ conducts training at all establishments, providing the necessary tools for households to be able to compost their waste efficiently and safely.

This initiative contributes to reducing the environmental impact generated by the gastronomic sector and to strengthening a culture of conscious and responsible consumption. At the end of the process, all Festival readers and consumers will be informed about the positive impact generated by the action.

In its four years on the market, Composta+ prevented more than 5,000 tons of organic “waste” from being disposed of in landfills. The company serves more than 400 companies and has already surpassed the mark of a thousand homes, bringing environmental awareness and sustainability into practice.

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