Germans, French and Brazilians unite to help 8/1 prisoners

Germans, French and Brazilians unite to help 8/1 prisoners

Volunteers living in Germany, France and Brazil held a live broadcast on social media on Thursday night (8) with the aim of publicizing an international humanitarian aid campaign for the families of prisoners from 8/1. The initiative has already adopted 40 families and is looking for godparents to help at least another 25 cases that are still on the waiting list.

“These are people who had jobs and stability, but were impoverished on all levels and now face financial, emotional, spiritual and physical problems”, says business administrator Samia Sittel-Faraj, responsible for one of the movements that joined the action: the Brazil-Germany Conservative League.

In an interview with Gazeta do Povo, she says that the movement’s social networks reach conservatives inside and outside Brazil through information about politics translated into English and German. “So, our audience is international”, explains the businesswoman, who disseminates information about those arrested on January 8th and understands how these people need help.

“They have their accounts blocked, and many of them can’t even buy food or pay an electricity bill,” says the businesswoman, who has lived in Germany for 18 years and decided to join forces with her followers on social media and with a similar movement, in France. “We started before Christmas and built a bridge between families who needed help and volunteers who wanted to help”, says campaign collaborator, Aurea Rocha.

A resident of the French capital, Paris, she is responsible for the Brazilian Franco Movement page and began publicizing cases of prisoners from 8/1 who were suffering from emotional illnesses, had outstanding payments and needed support. “And the feedback has been wonderful,” she reports. “There was one person, for example, who adopted the patriot and sent me an audio saying that they talk all day on WhatsApp and pray together.”

How is the selection of families served

To locate these 8/1 prisoners who need help, a screening has been carried out by lawyer Tanieli Telles — who has handled almost 180 8/1 cases — and also by journalist Ana Maria Cemin, who has been following the stories since the beginning 2023, selecting the most urgent ones.

Among the cases recommended for “adoption” is that of Gaucho Gilberto Ferreira da Silva, who remains imprisoned in the city of Canoas while his wife needs resources to take care of her daughter and father-in-law, who has just suffered a stroke. “This man has not seen his son for almost a year, he has suffered a lot, and the family needs help”, informs Ana Cemin.

Another situation is that of the couple Nelci Guimarães da Rosa Santiago and Marcio José Santiago, with three children. “He is a bricklayer, and she is working with her husband as a bricklayer’s assistant to support the family and try to pay the rent”, says lawyer Tanieli, citing the story of a 68-year-old man. “Seu Jessé was arrested after undergoing a surgical procedure, he spent almost eight months without medical treatment, and now he needs monthly help with basic food and medication.”

There are also people with late payments on their house who need to pay off the debt to avoid losing their property, and others who are looking for conditions to get back on their feet, like “a former clown who can no longer work in this profession due to the ankle bracelet restrictions”, says Tanieli , informing that the man knows how to cut hair and decided to create a little space in the house to receive clients. “But he needs to change the flooring and other little things in the place, so we are looking for someone to adopt him for that.”

Image of the room in the house that an 8/1 prisoner wants to clean up to serve haircut clients.  Image: Personal archive
Image of the room in the house that an 8/1 prisoner wants to clean up to serve haircut clients. Image: Personal archive

How to become a sponsor of the “Adopt a Patriot” campaign

According to the campaign coordinator, Samia Sittel-Faraj, anyone can help by adopting a family in need. To do this, simply send an email to the email address [email protected] quoting the amount that can be donated monthly. “From this, we will build a bridge between this volunteer and the family”, she explains, pointing out that donations are made directly to the adoptee.

“And these people need it a lot, so we hope you reach out and can give the humanitarian hug that these people need so much”, invites Samia. After all, “for us, who live abroad, it is important to feel that we can be part of the history of patriots”, she concludes.

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