Gabigol defends Sampaoli after defeat to Athletico-PR

Gabigol defends Sampaoli after defeat to Athletico-PR

The harsh defeat of Flamengo for the Athletico, 3-0, on Wednesday (13), at the Kleber Andrade Stadium, in Cariacica, sparked outrage from the fans. The red-blacks’ main scolding was with the coach Jorge Sampaoliheavily criticized for the casting.

Expelled in the second half, after attacking Argentine striker Cuello, from Furacão, Gabigol came to the coach’s defense and asked for support before the first game of the Brazil’s Cup against São Paulo – the first leg is this Sunday (17th), at 4pm, at Maracanã.

“It’s a new job, whether we like it or not. Sampaoli is very similar to Flamengo, it seems like it gives him a lot of time, but it’s a new job. We have fluctuated between very good matches and some less good ones, but football It’s like that, incoherent. There are teams that play badly and win, there are teams that play well and lose. We have to oscillate less to win victories, as we did against the championship leader, who is perhaps the only team that isn’t oscillating”, said the number 10 in a press conference after the game in Cariacica.

Gabigol also assured that there has been no lack of commitment from the players and poked at the press.

“We live in a time when the press doesn’t see the training and where a lot of things are created. A lot of lies come to the fans. You think you know a lot, but you don’t. That’s the truth. David trained in the middle, I I played more openly. Things didn’t work out, because we lost, of course. In the game, there are many variations that sometimes get out of our control. We give in. There’s no lack of will from the players, from Sampaoli, who has already made it clear that It’s a dream to be at Flamengo, but it didn’t turn out the way we wanted. We will have video and analysis to see what we can improve. I believe we will do that”, he said.

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