French bread is present in 7 of the 10 purchases with VR – 03/21/2024 – Market

French bread is present in 7 of the 10 purchases with VR – 03/21/2024 – Market


Seven out of every 10 purchases made with meal vouchers contained French bread, according to a survey carried out by the company VR between February 2023 and 2024. This Thursday (21), French Bread Day is celebrated, a food originating from Brazil that does not exist in France.

Other types of bread — such as sliced ​​bread, milk bread, wholemeal bread, among others — represent 32.5% of Brazilian consumption and nutrition. The recipe dates back to the end of the 19th century, when the Brazilian elite was inspired by French culture.

According to a survey, the average expense is R$44 on purchases involving food. The side dishes purchased along with bread to accompany the meal vary depending on the location where the bread is purchased.

In bakeries, purchases involve other types of bread, present in 10.62% of purchases, followed by drinks such as milk, juice and caffeinated drinks, with 9.7%, and cold cuts, such as mozzarella and platter cheeses, as well as mortadella and ham, with 9.65%.

In supermarkets, the most common accompaniment is soft drinks, present in 87% of purchases with French bread, followed by milk, in 78%, and cold cuts, such as cheese, ham and mortadella, in 30%.

São Paulo is responsible for 38.51% of consumption, according to VR. The state is followed by Paraná, with 15.33%, Rio Grande do Sul, with 9.77% and Minas Gerais, with 8.87%.


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